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Nov 2, 2010 04:27 PM

Buying Uni (Sea Urchin) and Ikura (Salmon Roe Eggs) in UK?

I've googled, I've asked fish mongers and nobody seems to know how I can get fresh (live?) sea urchins and salmon roe in the UK.
Any ideas?

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  1. Good luck with the Uni. I haven't seen it either. You can get cleaned sea urchin meat from places like Atari-ya. Billingsgate is a potential option, though I haven't been yet.

    Salmon roe is much easier however.
    Good fish mongers should have salmon roe. Steve Hatt in Islington for instance. You can also find it in the premium department store food halls such as Selfridges, Harrods etc if you are inclined to spend more. Not sure about the quality, but you can even find it on Ocado.


    1. As above Billingsgate is your best bet. Also ask at a few more high end places whether they can get it in for you - Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason etc. Also as said, ask at Steve Hatt.

      Another option is to ask at a sushi place where they get theirs. I know Fuji Foods (excellent takeaway sushi) by Muswell Hill sell Uni-related sushi. They might be able to put you onto a supplier, or even sell you some themselves.

      1. depends where you are, but my local fishmongers here in Edinburgh, George Armstrong, gets sea urchin in once a week.

        1. La petite poisonniere, on Gloucester Avenue, Primrose Hill sells whole icelandic sea urchins but only in season as i haven't seen them recently. They were pretty decent the couple of times i bought them, and 3 were enough to make a decent Uni pasta for 1.

          1. I've seen uni at Billingsgate but you almost invariably have to purchase it in near-restaurant quantities if you want it fresh. To get it already opened and bagged you can buy less. This is based on only one trip to Billingsgate though so I can't promise you they'll have it. Ask around a lot.