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Nov 2, 2010 01:06 PM

Precooked Thanksgiving Dinner

Hi Everyone:

We're having Thanksgiving at my daughters and I want to bring the whole meal since she is so busy. Any suggestions for a whole meal ... precooked turkey that just needs reheating, potatoes, squash, etc. etc. I'm thinking of Wilson Farms that has precooked turkeys but am open to suggestions. Thanks in advance.

Wilson Farm
10 Pleasant St, Lexington, MA 02421

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  1. We've been getting our christmas precooked from Roche Bros Supermarket in Burlington for the past three years. It is sure to be less expensive than Wilsons and many others. It's not fancy, but the turkey was very tasty and tender. Sides were good - not gourmet - but good. If you can afford more go for it. If not, this has been a good choice for me.

    Roche Bros Supermarket
    34 Cambridge St, Burlington, MA

    1. Chris VR recently compiled this fabulous list:

      1. We went on an adventure to Bongi's in Duxbury last year when I was 9.5 mos preggo and didn't want to cook. It was by far the best turkey I've ever had (won't tell my mom)...

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        1. Last year, they were giving out samples of turkey and precooked sides at my local Whole Foods. They were pretty good.

          1. Although i never got it, I know firefly's BBQ has entire thanksgiving takeout dinners, and i always find their food to be pretty good.


            Firefly's BBQ Restaurant
            235 Old Connecticut Path, Framingham, MA 01701