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Precooked Thanksgiving Dinner

Hi Everyone:

We're having Thanksgiving at my daughters and I want to bring the whole meal since she is so busy. Any suggestions for a whole meal ... precooked turkey that just needs reheating, potatoes, squash, etc. etc. I'm thinking of Wilson Farms that has precooked turkeys but am open to suggestions. Thanks in advance.

Wilson Farm
10 Pleasant St, Lexington, MA 02421

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  1. We've been getting our christmas precooked from Roche Bros Supermarket in Burlington for the past three years. It is sure to be less expensive than Wilsons and many others. It's not fancy, but the turkey was very tasty and tender. Sides were good - not gourmet - but good. If you can afford more go for it. If not, this has been a good choice for me.

    Roche Bros Supermarket
    34 Cambridge St, Burlington, MA

    1. Chris VR recently compiled this fabulous list:


      1. We went on an adventure to Bongi's in Duxbury last year when I was 9.5 mos preggo and didn't want to cook. It was by far the best turkey I've ever had (won't tell my mom)...


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        1. Last year, they were giving out samples of turkey and precooked sides at my local Whole Foods. They were pretty good.

          1. Although i never got it, I know firefly's BBQ has entire thanksgiving takeout dinners, and i always find their food to be pretty good.


            Firefly's BBQ Restaurant
            235 Old Connecticut Path, Framingham, MA 01701

            1. I think summer shack offers up a thanksgiving dinner with a fried turkey and all the fixins.

              1. I used to have the time and energy to make not one but two t-day dinners but a few years ago, not coincidentally coinciding with the arrival of our daughter, I found myself running out of both (time and energy!) and turning to "take out".

                We've had full dinners from WF, Roche Bros. and Nellio's (Lex). I was not impressed with WF (YMMV). The Roche Bros dinner was the far better "deal" and I think it had a much higher "quality to cost" ratio than the Nellio's one. That said, the Nellio's one was certainly very good but felt $$.

                Last year, however, I stumbled upon the Greenberg smoked turkeys from Tyler Tx http://www.gobblegobble.com/ and that's what we had then and I just ordered this years. Goodness, the smoked turkey from Greenberg's is delicious and addictive and even though I have a few good turkey recipes up my sleeve I'm not sure I'll ever actually cook my own turkey again. The plus side is that once you're not taking up your time, energy and oven with cooking your own turkey, you may find yourself able to tackle the sides again and even a dessert or two.


                1. We had the deep fried turkey dinner from Summer Shack last year- A 12 or 14 lb turkey, 2 quarts mashed potatoes, 1 quart gravy, 2 quarts stuffing, 1 quart sqash, cranberry sauce for $90. It was amazing and came with great instructions. I was not fond of the stuffing or the cranberries but everything else was great. It is $100 this year. An amazing value. They will roast the turkey or deep fry it. The fried was not at all greasy and very delicious.

                  Summer Shack
                  310 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210

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                    In the rundown I did (linked above by bear), I added links where I could find them, and I was interested to see that Summer Shack offers both deep fried and oven roasted turkeys.

                    Blue Ribbon offers a smoked turkey... I wonder how it compares to the Greenberg one. I'm not a smoked turkey fan myself, but it's good to know about local options for those who like that sort of thing and want to shop locally.

                    Summer Shack
                    310 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210

                    1. re: emilief

                      do they let you pick it up on Thanksgiving day or do you have to get it the day before? My wife is pregnant with twins (yikes) and so our usual Thanksgiving down at my parents ain't happening. However, it is a movable feast, and we have much to be thankful for this year, so we are going to host, and need a cooked turkey. When I looked on the Summer Shack site, it said you have to pick up the day before Thanksgiving. I don't want to have to reheat the turkey - kinda takes away from having someone else cook it for me. Anything in the Watertown/Waltham/Belmont area that is recommended ?

                      Summer Shack
                      310 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210

                      1. re: edibletable

                        From the list I put together, these might work for you:

                        Kitchen on Common, Belmont http://kitchenoncommon.com/
                        Verrill Farm, Concord http://www.verrillfarm.com/PDF/2010-V...
                        Kouzina, Waban http://www.kouzinarestaurant.com
                        Blue Ribbon BBQ, West Newton/Arlington (smoked turkey) http://blueribbonbbq.com/thanksgiving
                        Baker's Best, Newton Highlands www.bakersbestcatering.com/

                        Most of those seem to be pick up day before, though. Farmland, Wakefield http://www.thefarmland.com is open on Thanksgiving Day until 2 so although it's a bit out of the way, maybe they could provie it that day, hot, so you don't have to reheat.

                        Thinking it through, though, I'd bet it's a food safety issue, because if they provide it to you warm and you don't serve it for quite a while, you're at risk for food poisoning, and they are liable if you get sick.

                        Verrill Farm
                        11 Wheeler Rd, Concord, MA, MA 01742

                        Blue Ribbon BBQ
                        910 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476

                        Kitchen on Common
                        442 Common St, Belmont, MA 02478

                        1649 Beacon St, Waban, MA 02468

                      2. re: emilief

                        Based on your rec, emilief, we went with Summer Shack for today's feast - opted for roasted though. It was a fantastic choice. The turkey was super moist, and the sides were delicious. We made our own sausage, celery, bread stuffing for tradition, and a couple of veggie sides.

                        (Did nibble on the SS stuffing, and I thought it was good. We augmented it with some stock as we worried it would dry out in the oven. Look forward to having the leftovers in the coming days.)

                        Overall, a great choice. Thanks for the recommendation!

                        Summer Shack
                        149 Alewife Brook Pkwy, Cambridge, MA 02140

                      3. Lineage in Brookline has this. Has anyone here tried it? The one time I ate at Lineage, the food was nice, though not spectacular, but still very good. We are thinking of using Lineage b/c it's so close, though I'm still holding on to the idea that I am going to cook this year.

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                        1. re: Cachetes

                          l'espalier does a prepared thanksgiving menu. don't know the cost.