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Nov 2, 2010 01:05 PM

Need help with Chicken Recipes – Mexican??

For a number of reasons, health being number one, I have to eat more poultry, and to make things worse I discovered that the reason I don’t eat more chicken is I DON’T LIKE CHICKEN!

I want to have chicken for dinner tonight so I bought some chicken legs and thighs.

I am looking for a Mexican recipe (or Mexican inspired recipe) for dinner tonight. We had beef and chicken tacos last night, and after much thought I realized that the reason I don’t enjoy chicken is it is too bland. The beef tacos tasted robust, full of flavor and spice. Anyone know what I can do with some chicken pieces to get the same kind of result? I was thinking maybe cooking the chicken pieces in some fajita seasoning, then shredding the meat off the bone when it is served, but thinking maybe there are better options out there – anyone?? Thanks a bunch!

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  1. Here's a link to a recipe for El Mirador Caldo Xochitl soup. It looks like a lot of work but you can make a double batch of the soup and freeze the excess. I omit the cloves and serve it over plain rice rather than making the fancy El Mirador rice recipe. Don't leave off the toppings; they make the dish special. Better than Bouillon chicken base works fine; I've never even seen
    Glace de Poulet Gold®.

    1. What did you do with the chicken that it was bland? If you're considering cooking it with seasoning now, what did you do previously? Knowing that might help us advise on improvements.

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        I poached the bonesless chicken fillets in clamato juice with a few dashes of Frank's Red Hot sauce, with a sprinkling of taco seasoning on each one. I then sliced it up. And boy was it blah. Had no real depth to it at all. I would have thought that cooking it in Clamato and hot sauce would punch it up, but NO.

        I have fried chicken breasts (plain) and then added the fajita seasoning or taco seasoning from the packages, but wanted to do something healthier (trying to avoid frying things and reduce salt intake).

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          I think the problem is the sauce you used. You're just not going to get the sort of flavor you're looking for. You're smart to go for legs and thighs - a lot more flavor. I'd season them well with cumin, cayenne, chile powder, salt and pepper, then brown. If you're feeling lazy, throw in a can of enchilada sauce or salsa, something like that. If you want to do it homemade, remove the chicken, then saute onions, garlic, jalapeno. Throw in some chipotle chiles, a can of tomato puree or diced tomatos, a can of diced green chiles, etc. Put the meat back in and let it simmer until the meat is cooked and juicy. Pull it all off the bone, add back into the sauce. It's going to be more of a taco or burrito meat than fajita, but it'll be juicy and flavorful.

          For fajitas, I'ld just use the same spice rub I told you above, perhaps with some lime zest, and broil or grill, then slice. Just make sure you use a lot of seasoning. Chicken breasts inherently don't have a lot of flavor because they're so low in fat.

      2. Chicken Enchiladas are a great way to go. I also recently roasted a whole chicken with the addition of rosemary butter under the skin which gave it some great flavor and kept it moist. It might help, if you just plain don't like chicken, make sure you have some kind of gravy or sauce to go with it. Another route would be a Chicken Cordon Bleu to get the flavor of ham and cheese while masking some of the chicken flavor. Good luck to you.

        1. You could try a Mexican inspired tortilla soup. It sounds as though you like spice, so add more chiles or some hot sauce to finish it. You could even add salsa as a garnish.

          1. Try marinating,or dry rubbing. Searing, grilling or sauteing instead of simmering. Salt and lime juice are great at brightening flavors.