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Nov 2, 2010 01:02 PM

One dozen bald lemons, what to do?

Dearest spouse zested one dozen lemons and we are making lemoncello a la Fred Thompson

Now we have 12 bald lemons in the fridge, what to do? A nice vinaigrette dressing uses one, a tasty bean salad uses a second

Not interested in desserts this time. What else is good, dear hounds?

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  1. Squeeze them and freeze the juice for future use. Works great.

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      Or, how about lemon sorbet, sherbet or ice cream?

    2. Squeeze them all and store the juice in a tupperware in the fridge or freeze in ice cube trays. Lemon juice lasts for a while in the fridge... I use it to season steamed or grilled vegetables. I also like to add a little bit to sauteed artichokes with garlic.

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          When life gives you lemons, make whiskey sours.

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              4 oz 10 year old Evan Williams, Juice of one lemon, crushed ice, 2 cherries and 2 glasses. Ahhhh. A splash of orange juice would've been good. Perhaps if I find some pasteurized eggs spouse would permit the addition of the egg white.....

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                I often find pasteurized eggs at Harris Teeter.

        2. I always cheat--if it says "zest of 4 lemons" I zest 2 AND use the juice. Usually works out fine tastewise.

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            Usually works just fine, but I think for lemoncello the acidity of the added juice would change the flavor. Probably in a good way for a spring or summer drink, but we're moving into fall and winter now.

          2. I'd juice them into ice cube trays and freeze, then use them for anything that calls for fresh lemon. I've done this in the past. Love lemoncello.