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Nov 2, 2010 12:41 PM

14" stainless fry pan recommendations

If Tramontina made a 14" pan this post would likely never have shown up :)

I am looking for a good stainless pan for around $100, I did a search on this site and could not find much covering this topic. I am looking for recommendations of specific pans and if possible, why you would recommend that pan would also be appreciated.

I have a couple restaurant supply stores near me but the hours I work I tend to get there about 5 minutes before they close. That limits the time I have to get a feel for the pans, but if I have some brands/models to look at going into the store it would give me more time to make a decision.

I am looking for this size in stainless because I want this pan for deglazing with wine, etc. and don't want to do that with my carbon steel pans.

I am also on the fence about the pan size for stainless, I might be better off with a 12" stainless fry pan and get the 14" mineral de buyer pan for the really big tasks...but that seems like a really heavy pan and I don't think the mineral line has the helper handles.

I did find a Danesco 14" fry pan for about 80 dollars on amazon but I do not know anything about this brand, and searches online for reviews were fruitless.

I would prefer to buy something once, so if I need to adjust my target budget then I'll just have to man up and pay more for quality cookware.

any and all information/recommendations are greatly appreciated :D

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  1. I have a store-brand one with a copper base for even heat distribution and a bolted on stainless steel handle, and it works great for any of the classic techniques.

    I can't speak for any of the name-brand pans, but mine is still good as new after a couple months of pretty heavy cooking with it (deglazing and all). Oven safe. My advice would be to go out and see which pan feels good to you, but aside from that, good luck with your pan-hunting!

    1. Yes, the mineral line will be heavy at 14 inches. If you can go with a saute type pan, at about 13 in diameter, the Cuisinart Multiclad Pro gets good reviews. It's been tested by Cook's Illustrated as well. I have the 8 qt pot, as well as this 13 inch pan, and I have to say they perform wonderfully. Cheaper than all the All Clad I bought. Yes, it doesn't have a regular fry pan handle, but I consider that a plus since I pan roast and deglaze a lot. It fits in my oven just fine.

      Here's the link:

      It's hefty, but not crazy so, and cleans up very well. Better side handles than my A/C stock pots and braiser.

      Just a idea. btw - the deBuyer rocks.

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      1. re: breadchick

        That's a nice piece, thank you for the link :)
        it is worth considering. There is a tramontina sautee pan that is very similar that I have not entirely ruled out too. Both are about the same price. I prefer the fry pan handle but this is definitely a contender

        1. re: breadchick

          I think I might have found something that will fit based on your description of the casserole pan. basically the saute version of the pan. It's not quite 14 inches, but without the sloped sides I should have even more real estate to work with. it's about the same price and I really like the lid, especially since i'll be able to use it on the 12" mineral pan too, though more of a cover than a lid...but it will work :)

          here's a link

        2. Yes the mineral will be heavy. I have a. 14" carbone DeBuyer. It has relegated a 12" copper with tin to the wall. It an awful lot well and really seasoned quickly. When a lid is needed a cookie sheet is parfait. In terms of a friendly cooking surface it beats the sox off SS IMHO. It is also cheaper. I'd pocket the difference and start saving for another toy.

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          1. re: tim irvine

            I got the 14 inch carbone and had to return it to Chef's because I couldn't lift it. I was a broken woman.

            1. re: breadchick

              That is sad indeed! And that one has a helper handle!

            2. re: tim irvine

              The ss pan is going to be gifted by my family, I was going to treat myself to the carbon steel pan ;)
              I have a couple de buyer pans and they very often find themselves on my stove

            3. How about this 13" AC french skillet? With a long handle and a loop helper handle. Priced at Amazon and Macy's etc as $139, but cookwarenmore has it just as $97.92 now (after 20% discount ). Only one drawback is that the rim is not rolled. I personally prefer bredchick's multclad pro with two handles but if you like a long handle better it would be one of the options, I guess.



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              1. re: hobbybaker

                hobbybaker, that's an incredible price for the A/C pan.

                Phhhitzzz. My name is breadchick, and I'm not a kitchen-hoarder...

                1. re: breadchick

                  Yes. I think this french skillet is relatively new version as all the AC french skillets I knew before had NO loop handles. I noticed this one recently at Macy's. The price, even at Macy's, is low considering this is AC. (I suspect this is another promotional pricing of AC.)

                  If I didn't have AC 12" fry-pan with lid already (which was a promotional piece a couple of years ago) , I would have bought this one right away! honestly, it is so tempting. I thought I was done with AC and now proceed to buy a 10 inch de buyer mineral fry-pan first!!!! but now my action is halted.... I should make my hus gift one of them to me just like cannibal!

                  My name is hobbybaker, and I am not a kitchen enabler....

                  1. re: hobbybaker

                    It's my sister that's the enabler in this case. My wife says it's "just another pan" and thinks I have some strange cookware fetish.

                    When it comes to allclad I would probably be happier with the saute that breadchick pointed out. I'm in the camp that isn't fond of their handles. That is an exceptional price and I will be ordering one for my sister as her present for her birthday which is coming up. :)

              2. Here is a commercial pan currently on sale on eBay. The price seems right, especially with shipping included.