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Nov 2, 2010 12:28 PM

What Recipes Are You Tired Of Seeing In Cooking Magazines?

I'm about to let my Bon Appetite subscription expire, and I'm thinking of canceling my Food Network Magazine subscription because I'm tired of seeing variations on the same recipe in every issue:

- Flank Steak and some kind of spicy rub
- Sliders
- Salad with fennel
- Panini
- Crab cakes
- Shrimp and noodle salad
- Po Boys or sub sandwiches
- Pizza made with store-bought crust
- Fruit cobbler or crumble
- Pitas stuffed with ______
- Mussels with spicy broth (or mussels with noodles)

It's not that I don't like the above foods. (In fact, I would eat each and every one.) It's that I don't need a new recipe for pizza every month. It's not so hard to throw topings on a store-bought pizza crust, that I need a magazine to tell me how to do it. Ditto for panini: I think I can figure out some things to melt together between two pieces of bread.

What recipes do you seem to see cropping up month after month in cooking magazines?

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  1. Oh, month after month! I was going to say, around this time of year, 10,000 variations on turkey. It's like that Brian Regan joke about the pop tart: "roast it! Go ahead, roast it! Are you still reading this?" :D

    I read an article once by a food mag editor and she said that putting together the November issue is the worst torture imaginable for them, because despite the fact that what most people want on Thanksgiving is simple comfort food like their grandmother made, they have to make their magazine stand out on the newsstand, so they end up writing nonsense.

    We Know You're Just Going To Make the Pumpkin Pie From the Libby's Can, But Please At Least Look At This Article About Spicy Sweet Potato Bourbon Tartlets With Pecan Brittle Or This One About Goat Cheese Stuffed Figs With Mulled Cranberry-Pomegranate Reduction, So We Can Pay Our Bills. Pretty Please?

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    1. re: LauraGrace

      Lol! So true! I mean, my family would probably get annoyed if I changed the recipes for pumpkin pie or pecan pie, so those magazines can write all they want, and I'll probably read them, but we will do what we have always done since Thanksgiving is a holiday about tradition and memory.

    2. LaPomme,

      Can we expand this to include recipes not just in magazines, but cooking shows?

      I don't need another recipe for "the best chocolate cake", or another one for "classic" chicken salad, or "simple roast chicken" ... ugh.

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        Of course! The omnipresent roast chicken. Always introduced with, "This is a simple, classic..." If it's a simple classic, we don't need to see it several times a month. And enough with the crostinis (Giada, I'm looking at you). Little pieces of bread topped with something tasty. We get it.

        1. re: LaPomme

          Macaroni and cheese. Then m&c with lobster. Then put some bacon in it. Different cheeses. Add veggies. Yep, got it.

          1. re: SmartCookie

            +1 for the mac and cheese... and add m&c w/ truffles, with pulled pork, FRIED mac and cheese, crawfish mac and cheese, buffalo chicken mac and cheese... oh I could go on!

          2. re: LaPomme

            And enough with the crostinis (Giada, I'm looking at you). Little pieces of bread topped with something tasty. We get it.

            Or Nutella in wonton wrappers. Really? C'mon. I don't *need* anyone to show me how to do that.

        2. pasta. doesn't matter anymore how gorgeous the foodtography.

          1. Brownies, chocolate chip cookies, really!

            But then I think, okay that's pretty selfish of me....maybe THIS issue or this show or this recipe site has something to offer to the NEWBIE who really never paid attention before....then I go bake a batch of brownies or chocolate chip cookies, throw something new into it...and realize I'm just as guilty.

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            1. re: HillJ

              There's no guilt in throwing walnuts into a batch of chocolate chip cookies or brownies. My complaint was that I'm seeing magazines running nearly identical recipes over and over again. One week it's "flank steak with adobo" then it's "ancho chile flank steak" and then it's "Cuban flank steak" ad nauseum.

              1. re: LaPomme

                If I was paying for a mag subscrib, I'd be bothered by it more. With all the "free recipes" easily obtained online (including the mag sites) I'm less inclined to balk. But I understand the frustration for seasoned cooks/bakers/etc. For newbies (like my college son for instance) they appreciate the hands on basics, and recommendations that lead to experimenting with recipe ingredients more (imho).

                1. re: LaPomme

                  oh I throw a heck of alot more than walnuts in my cookies...hahaha. I have a hard time leaving a recipe (ingredient list) alone. Always changing it up.

              2. There was a time when I subscribed to just about every food magazine. I'm sure my mailman cursed me out every time he had to lug them all to my mailbox. But, I've cancelled them all except for Fine Cooking for the very reason you mention…they all have the same stuff in them month after month after month (are you listening Cooks Illustrated?). And, everything is so dumbed down its ridiculous. Why does everything have to be easy and quick? And, If I see one more recipe for sliders I'll scream. Do you really someone to tell you how to make a little hamburger? Its so sad.