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Nov 2, 2010 12:10 PM

Thanksgiving dinner in Central NJ

Our smallish place isn't up to handling 6 (4 adults, 2 kids) for a long Thanksgiving dinner.

Good suggestions for a worthwhile meal? Most inclined to go to a place in the area formed by Lambertville - Princeton - Cranbuy and over to Yardley or Newtown in Pennsylvania.

ETS Chauncey Center? Cranbury Inn? Lambertville Inn? Washington Crossing Inn? Nassau Inn?

The going price seems to be about $35/person from calling the first three places. I must admit a bias against the Nassau Inn - the place never quite seems to get things right. Probably haven't been to the Cranbury Inn in 40 years. The in-laws aren't quite up to an Asian meal, so we'll have to stick to more traditional American/Continental fare.

Going a la carte would be a useful option for those (me!) who don't like to be stuffed at the end of a holiday meal.

Thanks to all.

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  1. we like to frequent bell's tavern in lambertville or even lambertville station might have a set dinner

    1. While many may disagree with me, we really enjoy the Cranbury Inn. While I admit that the dining rooms are in serious need of decorative updating, we have always had very good lunches and dinners, and excellent service. My husband and I were also married at the Cranbury Inn in their beautiful (fairly new) Legacy Ballroom. Almost all of our wedding guests exclaimed that it was the best meal they've ever had at a wedding.

      We also enjoy the Lambertville Inn and Washington Crossing Inn.

      I think any of these restaurants would be suitable for Thanksgiving.

      Cranbury Inn Restaurant
      21 S Main St, Cranbury, NJ 08512