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Nov 2, 2010 12:06 PM

Birthday cake for Brown Student!!!

I am looking to purchase a wonderful birthday cake for a Brown University Student. Need to have it delivered to campus. Any suggestions from anyone?!!

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  1. Coincidentally, today is my son's18th birthday and he is a Brown student. I contacted City Girl Cupcake on 99 Weybosset Street in Providence. They delivered a dozen cupcakes to him today. It was a successful delivery and my son said that the cupcakes were fresh and good.

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      Happy Birthday to your son! Hopefully he is enjoying Brown. My son is a sophomore and LOVES it. Last year I got him a cake from Pastiche but had to have it delivered by messenger which cost a bundle. I was hoping to get him a cake again but this cupcake idea is a good fall back! Thanks!

    2. Try Whole Foods. Cakes there are very good and whole foods might deliver.

      1. Try La Salle Bakery they may deliver & they have amazing cakes!

        1. I second the motion on Pastiche. It is a sweet little gem of a neighborhood bakery. We bought a birthday cake for my husband there a couple of years ago (on the way home from visiting our son at Brown!) and it was one of the best cakes we'd ever had. (I am a baker and my standards are high!). To save delivery costs, I would recommend asking a friend of his to pick it up. Good luck!

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            Decided to go with the one that I know is good and ordered a cake from Pastiche! Got a cab to pick up the cake and deliver. Thanks for the thoughts everyone!