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Nov 2, 2010 11:16 AM

Suggestions for a tasting menu in Austin

My wife and I are coming to Austin from London for a couple of days after Christmas. While we're keen to eat plenty of BBQ, that topic's pretty well covered on the boards. What I'm after here is an upscale, modern restaurant that would let us sample a variety of small dishes.

Ideally i'd like something with a bit of local/regional character rather than a straight french/ethnic menu. Price isn't a big issue, provided the food's worth it, but fancy surroundings, view and service are all completely optional.

Thanks in advance...

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  1. I would probably do a non-traditional route and create my own tasting menu at either Parkside (order appetizers, which I think are their strong suit) or Uchiko (don't miss the fried chicken, hama chili, ninjin bacon (pork belly) take nabe (japanese mush room, koshi hikari, farm fresh egg, bushi) and hotate (scallop, avocado and a dash of spicy sauce). Enjoy Austin!

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      I think your recommendations are spot on. I dined at Parkside last night and I have to say I think I enjoyed it more than the traditional tasting menu offered at Uchi. We ordered a starter (braised baby back ribs), a mixed lettuce salad, 3 different raw fish plates, and we split an entree, as well. The food was served one plate at a time, so similar in nature to a 6 course menu. Fabulous food and good service. The one challenge is that everything on the menu sounds great so it was a challenge to narrow it down.

    2. Your best bet is to find a place that offers small plates, then to share them. Parkside (upscale bar food) and Uchiko (Japanese) are both excellent suggestions, but you might also consider Paggi House (French-inspired American) or perhaps even Jeffrey's (mostly in the same vein). All these menus can be found online. Hope you enjoy your visit, and please do report back on what you tried.

      Paggi House
      200 Lee Barton Drive, Austin, TX 78704

      1. zoot and wink also do a seasonal/local tasting menu, and are worth considering.

        another idea is the tasting menu at hudson's on the bend.
        probably not something you have had before.
        they offer two: a hill country version and a smaller three course choice.

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          $$$= Driskill
          $$= Wink & Parkside
          My votes for 3 best tasting menu/small plate spots in Austin