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Nov 2, 2010 10:25 AM

Best Blackout Cake

Where can I find the best blackout cake in Brooklyn? (Hopefully, similar to Ebinger's original blackout cake!)

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  1. though I haven't had it in twenty years, I remember with great fondness the blackout cake from Lord's Bakery on Nostrand Ave.

    1. Ebinger's on Montague St. Great boyhood memories of their Blackout cake. Sorry, but I have not had anything that comes close since they closed many years ago.

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      1. re: Motosport

        As someone who's only been in Brooklyn Heights for 10 years, I'm curious, where was Ebinger's? What's in that storefront now?

        1. re: Peter

          Ebinger's was midway between Court and Clinton on the left side as you walked toward Clinton. It's been a while since they left the city of churches.

      2. Ebinger's was the best. Ladybird (formeryly Two Little Red Hens) on 8th Ave and 12th St. in Park Slope, surprisingly, does a good version. It's been a while since I've had it, and my only hesitation is that it may have buttercream instead of choc. pudding/pastry cream in the middle.

        I wonder if Teena's has it? They're new to me, but I was recently at an event with about 6 different Teena's cakes, and they were all good and totally old school. Worth a call.

        Ladybird Bakery
        1112 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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        1. re: Amy Mintzer

          I just ordered Ladybird's Brooklyn Blackout Cake for my son's birthday party. It's got chocolate pudding in the middle, not buttercream -- and was just as moist and delicious as always.

        2. not in Brooklyn, but the Bronx, Miss Grimble make a killer one

          you can pick up from them at a good discount

          Miss Grimble Desserts
          909 E 135th St, Bronx, NY 10454

          1. I can make you one! Just like Ebingers!

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            1. re: smilingal

              How is this possible? You got a time machine or something?

              1. re: GoodGravy

                everyone raves that it is just like Ebingers was - in our memories!

                1. re: smilingal

                  PLEASE we need that recipe!!!! The world would be a lot better with Ebinger's blackout cake, which is a last wish of my 80 year old uncle.

                  1. re: tractarian

                    I am trying to find a link for you - I used Arthur Schwartz's Blackout Cake recipe. It is too long and lengthy to type in here. I will keep looking. It was on page 298 and 299 from his chapter The Corner Bakery - and I believe the book was his New York City Food book.

                    Edit - Gee - now you have me lost on the hunt! Perhaps you can get the book from the library? It is a great book - and after enjoying reading it - it then introduced me to his Jewish Cooking book which I had to buy for my collection.

                    1. re: smilingal

                      My close friend used this recipe and all her older relatives were delighted by the fond memories of Ebinger's Blackout Cake that it brought back.
                      I hope it's "The One".... Let us know how you fare.
                      Good Luck!


                      1. re: smilingal

                        Tractarian -- just an FYI on the Arthur's recipe - the pudding is used for both the layers and the frosting - and the crumb coating is made by many oven drying/ crunching efforts.

                      2. re: tractarian

                        I haven't made this, so can't provide first-hand review. But, found it by doing Google search for Ebinger's black-out cake: