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Nov 2, 2010 10:23 AM

I need 100 new glass bottles/jars that are sealable in YYC

Anyone know a place to get glass (BBQ Sauce type would be best) bottles for a good deal? I'm about to buy some online that work out to about $2 each with shipping but about half that charge is delivery. Would rather buy local but google has been no help...

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  1. Would canning jars work for you?
    Canadian Tire - 500 ml mason jars 12 for $7.39 - other sizes as well.

    Also, did you try the packaging guys under Bottles in the Yellow Pages?

    1. Did you try Michael's? Not sure if they would have a deal for you though unless someone can give you a coupon.

      1. There's also (or at least use to be) a place in the NE called Select Packaging.
        I've also found some great bottles at Dollar Stores.
        Good luck.

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          Thank you everyone for your replies. I'll be out around town today searching and will update this thread with any findings I find.