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Nov 2, 2010 09:49 AM

Any recommendations or warnings for the Dacor Epicure 36" Dual fuel Range?

My wife and I are finally undertaking a long overdue renovation and addition project on our home and it includes a new kitchen. We have been yearning for a 36" high end dual fuel range. A few weeks ago we stopped by a local appliance dealers showroom and realized that he was going out of business at the end of the year and was offering some great deals on floor models. He has a Dacor ER36DSCH Dual Fuel range that he has offered us for $5400 (regular price is $7239) It seems like a good deal and he has spent a great deal of time with us putting together a package of nice appliances that suit our needs. Most of them are not floor models. However, we have been searching the internet for some user reviews of the Dacor and have come up with a mixed bag. It has raised some questions in our mind. Any responses with regards to this Dacor model or any suggestions for alternatives within that same price range would be most appreciated.

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  1. I had this model range and Discovery oven and lucky for me they bought them back(after almost a year of admitted problems with the electronics and non fixes). I have a Wolf and love it but it is more money. Ultimately the dealer I think put the pressure on Dacor to return my money so I would be very leery if they are going out of business. They have much more pull than you do as an individual.
    Hopefully they have these issues fixed. I bought my appliances in 2007 and they issued my refund in 3/2008 but the model is the same and I don't know if you can tell when an item that you are purchasing was made. They wrote me an email last week in response to a post on gardenweb a few months ago and said they have streamlined their service procedure so that you would talk to a trained tech initially who could diagnose problems over the phone and send a part so that you would only have one service call.
    One thing I would do is pull of the knob and look at it and compare to a Wolf or others for that matter. This is a small thing but speaks volumes I think about the quality. One of our knobs broke after a few months. We also had issues with the enamel. I t seemed soft and chipped off on both appliances. Check it over with a flashlight if you buy it as soon as you take delivery.
    Whatever range you buy get it installed right away. The clock is ticking on the warranty on most appliances when you take delivery. If you do decide to go that way, I would definitely get an independent oven thermometer and check how the oven runs. The main problem I had was that once it preheated, if you opened the oven to put something in it or put something cold, it had no ability to kick on a preheat mode to recover the heat loss. The temperature had to drop 150 degrees or more to kick the element on. This was also a problem if you turned the temperature up it could not make that change even if you turned it off and then on again. I can't believe that would not have this fixed by now. The email they sent me blamed many problems on installation but at the time they told me that the programming was at fault. The bill for each new board was about $1800 but it was under warranty. I would definitely get as long as an extended warranty as possible and get all the terms in writing.
    Is a range a definite thing? If not, you might consider a Bluestar range top and an regular Electrolux oven.
    Best of luck and peace of mind with your decisions!

    1. I got a dual fuel Dacor in 2000 and now we are replacing it. Not a year has gone by without repairs. I stopped cleaning it because a repair always follows the cleaning cycle that never runs to completion. Then recently the oven shut down without tripping the circuit breaker - that's when I started shopping for a new range. Recently just as inexplicably it started working again. The oven light bulb burned out a while ago and the aluminum housing was so corroded that I couldn't replace the bulb. Our excellent electrician questioned the basic safety of the stove.