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Nov 2, 2010 08:41 AM

Need terrific liquor store near Mich Avenue

In town for a few days and want to pick up some great bourbon to bring home (tough to get in Toronto). Any suggestions on a high end liquor store to visit? Staying at the Marriott on North Mich. Ave. Thx.

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  1. Binny's would be a good choice, large and good selection

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      Binny's is great, though I can't comment specifically on their high-end liquors. As a grad student, my liquor tends to be of the "malt" variety and my wine tends to be of the "fortified" variety.

      However, based upon their very solid selections of mid-range liquor and high-end beer, I'd posit that it's at least decent.

      Their prices are truly terrific, as well.

    2. Another place we like which is a small liquor wine and beer store is Drinks over Dearborn. They have some unique items and local liquers etc. You could call them and see if they have what you are looking for.

      1. You *have* to go to The House of Glunz (1206 North Wells Street 312-642-3000). It is the oldest wine shop in Chicago. They had their own private label 20 year Kentucky bourbon but not sure if it is all gone. Ask for Christopher. He has been bringing in some other one of a kind things recently.
        (full disclosure: He's my brother.)

        House of Glunz
        1206 N Wells St, Chicago, IL

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          Easy - just go to Binnys on Grand... best prices, best selection.

          If you don't mind a short cab ride, then Binnys South Loop is their mothership and has a ridiculous selection of wines, beer and spirits.

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            THEY DO NOT HAVE QUICK ENOUGH TURNOVER ON THINGS LIKE CRAFT BEERS. I was just there and found at least three or four different selections that were WAY past their suggested dates. Admitedly they originally stocked the store two years ago to the rafters, but it's not the old Sams.