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Nov 2, 2010 08:33 AM

BBQ in Wichita?

Hello -

Just tried Famous Daves and have to say it was a disappointment. Is KC Creations any better? Is it really open for only a few hours each day? I heard one place is called Jet. How is it? Any others out there/

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Try B and C's BBQ all you can eat buffet. Jet BBQ has a drive through in an old fire station. Two Brother's has several locations and serves good BBQ. I believe Hog Wild is the best.

    B & C BBQ @ 355 N Washington Street, Wichita, KS 316 - 263 - 8815.
    Jet BBQ @ 1100 E 3rd Street North, Wichita, KS 316 - 262 - 7299.
    Two Brother's BBQ @ Ste 102, 3750 North Woodlawn Boulevard, Wichita, KS 316 - 691 - 8950.
    Hog Wild Pit BBQ @ 1200 South Rock Road, Wichita, KS 316 - 618 - 7227.

    1. Yeah there are a few,hog wild is right up there tho, famous Dave's and rib crib are chains, not quite the same as local real BBQ, I would try the ones he put then come back and ask again, there is also pig in pig out, on 13th by 135, its good too!

      1. Thought I'd add a recently opened BBQ joint to the thread. Froggar's, near 13th and Oliver has just opened and after a few trips to size them up I have to say that they do a really nice job at everything I've tried. Pulled pork is moist and smokey... probably the best I've had in town in a long time, ribs are just right, and the sides are obviously home made. Ever since Payne's closed I've been looking for something close to my neighborhood for my BBQ fix and Froggar's has filled that void. Check them out.

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          I'm from KC and there is a place (I don't remember the name of it) on 54 hiway as you are heading West out of town (or coming into town from the West). It's just a small joint on the North side of the hiway and it was quite credible...very good.