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Nov 2, 2010 08:06 AM

What's For Dinner? Part LVII

Well, we've already gone over the 250 mark again, so I will start a new thread. Chowhound friends, please tell us what you are making or just made for dinner. It's great to get more suggestions.

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  1. Rain again today and heavy fog. So tonight will be DH's comfort food. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, country gravy and sweet corn. Small side salad and some rolls will round out the meal. (Besides, it makes a good leftover meal that DH likes to take for lunch later in the week)

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    1. I'm debating between making cornbread to have with leftover collard greens (and maybe red beans and rice?) or using up last night's leftover beef tenderloin in a soba noodle salad with lots of crispy veggies, which is what I'm more in the mood for.

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        Ended up going with the salad idea. I mixed up dressing of sesame oil, ponzu sauce, grated ginger and garlic, a little soy, honey, Sriracha, and vegetable oil. Tossed with roast beef, strips of bell pepper, cucumber, shredded carrot, and shelled edamame, and topped with chopped salted cashews. Tasty. I still need to perfect the dressing though.

      2. Roast chicken.
        It's a chilly morning, but it supposed to be almost 80 by this afternoon, so we shall see if I still feel like roasting this bird off this evening.
        If not, into the stock pot it goes.
        It was supposed to be WFD Sunday, but plans changed and I was not up for any cooking yesterday.
        Should I just throw it in the stockpot today, I don't know...
        It's a local bird I got at our little FM Friday morning, so I'm not really too worried about holding onto it through the weekend, but it may have absorbed too much salt. I did it Zuni-style Friday evening.
        Sides will be roasted delicata with fennel, onions and Meyer lemon.
        I may have to bake a few apples too, after reading about them on the Autumn Cooking thread.
        And the leftover Halloween candy must leave the house today, before I grow a whole new butt.

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        1. re: rabaja

          ROFL! I was thinking the very same thing this morning!!!

        2. It's been a thoroughly miserable day here in North Cheshire - rained pretty much the whole time. I had a doctor's appointment and, although it's not much more than a 10 minute walk, I felt like a drowned rat when I got back.

          On the good side, I have a night off the kitchen and Mrs H is cooking - spag bol. And then feet up for a night in front of the TV - the 90 minute final of "Masterchef - the Professionals".

          1. Today is the DH's birthday, and I could not wring a request out of him for what he wanted for dinner. We will start with tortellini in a mushroom/pea/cream/prosciutto/parmesan sauce. I'm using D'Artagnan duck prosciutto since I once again have a muslim house guest. For the main, I am making haricots vert with hazelnuts served with veal milanese. I feel like it's pretty mundane, but it is something my husband adores and that I haven't made in quite a while. Anyway, I know that it will all taste good! The birthday cake is coconut cake using Nick Malgieri's recipe that is particularly notable since it uses coconut milk as the liquid. It is really delicious!

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                Mundane? That sounds pretty wonderful.
                From which book is that coconut cake recipe, roxlet? I'd like to try that one of these days.

                1. re: nomadchowwoman

                  Thanks ncw. The coconut cake recipe is from Nick Malgieri's Party Cakes. I only say mundane about the meal because it's pretty much part of my usual repertory.

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                    TY--and BTW, hope your husband has a very happy birthday.

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                  Sounds like a GREAT birthday dinner! Happy birthday one day late, Mr. roxlet!

                  1. re: LindaWhit

                    Thanks LindaWhit! It was lovely and much appreciated!