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Nov 2, 2010 07:59 AM

Thanksgiving Dinners To Go in Marin?

What is the best source for a To Go Thanksgiving Dinner in Marin? When there are many eaters and few cooks, a to go meal supplemented by family favorites can give weary at-home kitchen staff something to really be thankful for! Last year, my husband and I enjoyed a pit-smoked turkey and all the fixings from a family owned BBQ joint in Durham, NC, then went to see Phantom at the Durham Performing Arts Center. This year, not so much. Please save me from ending up at Safeway! ;-) Thanks.

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  1. Try Andronico's or Whole Foods.

    1. check with local caterers

        1. I just got a flyer from Insalatas who has a great takeout dept. I believe they are doing special things for Thanksgiving

          Woodlands also has come good options:

          1. Thanks for the help! I also learned that Scotty's ( caters Thanksgiving, offering 13 varieties of stuffing. With all of your suggestions, I'll neither be stuck cooking for a crowd unless I want to nor in line at Safeway for a hideous meal.