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Nov 2, 2010 07:43 AM

Pizza marinara in Vancouver?

Is there anywhere in Vancouver (in Vancouver proper preferably) that does a good pizza marinara? Or any other type of cheeseless pizza? I guess I could just go to any pizza place and ask for a cheeseless slice, but that's not quite the same.
Maybe a strange request and I hope I don't get a bunch of people jumping on me because "it's not pizza without cheese!" which is a common real-life reaction. I'm just not a huge fan of dairy products. My favourite parts of pizza have always been the sauce and crust, both of which have to be really good if there's no cheese/fatty toppings. Hence the request for recommendations!

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  1. Hey slowdive, no jumping on you for your 'za preferences here. I prefer my slice with little or no tomato sauce :-). But listen, Vancouver is just not a good place for pizza, a situation much lamented here. The closest good pizza is reportedly in Abbotsford at Ah Beetz which I understand is closing so the owner can open a shop on Commercial, so maybe there is hope.

    1. Personally, my favourite cheese-less pizza comes from Zacchary's on Oak St (between 15th & 16th Ave). Please note, this not an authentic Italian thin-crust type establishment. The crust is described as "heavenly light" and it's just awesome! Not too bready, not too thin, just light and very, very good. Their menu has several vegetarian options and they actually list a vegan pizza as well (with no cheese) but they're happy to make any of their pizzas without the cheese. My favourite is the #5 Zacchary's Special with real roasted chicken (you can tell they've pulled the meat off themselves, none of this pre-formed chicken cube stuff), whole roasted garlic cloves, sundried tomatoes and a sprinkling of chilis for heat.

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        Ah Beetz coming to Vancouver? You just made my day Grayelf!! Any timeline?

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            Exciting! I love Ah-Beetz. Anyone know when Nicli Antica is supposed to open? I see his website is up and running...looks good....

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              it's supposed to open late November (nicil antica)....I had to be off dairy for a few years and during that time I really enjoyed the pizzas made without cheese at Scuie. The funghi and the one with tons of chili peppers and tomato slices were my faves. I have also ordered pizza without cheese from Rocky Mountain-the bradford farm one is particularly tasty without cheese.