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Nov 2, 2010 06:55 AM

Best place for lunch ON THE WAY TO Deep Creek?

We're headed up to Deep Creek from the DC area and want to somewhere along the way for lunch. Any good rec's? We are totally open to ideas but we love dives with great food.


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  1. The Alpine Pantry off the exit for Flintstone makes good sandwiches. But, it is only carry out--there is no place to sit down. They also have the most divine baked goods--pies, sticky buns, whoopie pies. It is closed on Sundays though.

    Cumberland, MD is very charming. There are several restaurants right in downtown on Baltimore Street that are good--City Lights, Manhattan Grill.

    We also liked Casselman Inn in Grantsville off I-68 exit 19 (?). It is a casual sit-down restaurant. Their food is the homey, comfort kind of food. We love the white bread and apple butter they serve with everything. They have a bakery too.

    Hope this is useful.

    1. The Schmankerl Stube in Hagerstown is a terrific German restaurant out of the old school.

      1. I like the Park and Dine in Hancock, MD, as well as Weaver's. In Cumberland there is Diatri's (LaVale area right off I-68) but by the time you are there sometimes you don't want to stop.

        I also stop at the AC&T Gas Station by the outlets in Hagerstown for some really fantastic fried chicken and country sides. It has been there forever, and they have some tables in the gas station, but it tends to be a quick convenient stop.

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          I second Schmankerl Stube in historic Hagerstown. I also like the Crabby Pig in Cumberland.