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Nov 2, 2010 06:53 AM

Reviews or resources to buy a double electric wall oven?

Hello Chowhound folks!

I have an oven research and buying dilemma and am hoping for guidance. My fiance and I are in need of a new double electric wall oven. We currently have two (not double, but two separate, stacked) Dacor ovens installed. They are older (early 90s?) and both have their own separate issues. The one refuses to hold temperature and fluctuates + or - at least 70 degrees during a cooking cycle. Once was off by 200 degrees... The other holds temperature but the digital read out is broken and apparently costs over $500 just to buy the replacement part!

I've looked online and am having a hard time finding good, objective reviews and buying guides for the whole range of mid to high end oven products. As another Chowhound poster noted, Consumer Reports doesn't really cover brands like Wolf and Viking. We've used some friends' Wolf ovens and found that the cooking was very uneven (one half of a standing rib roast was cooked to medium while the other half was rare). We're happy to spend money on a nice oven if the extra cost is really, really going to give us better performance. But, if something like GE offers the best product, we'll happily go with that!

Where do you all get your advice when it comes to buying electric ovens? Any good resources that I'm missing? Please help! Thanksgiving is around the corner and it's sad to have two disfunctional ovens...


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  1. The gardenweb appliance forum is a very good resource.

    Do not buy Bosch or Thermador, as they may very well sell you a lemon and refuse to service or replace it, as they did to me. Trust me, you don't want to have to deal with their customer service.

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      Thanks for the gardenweb idea - I hadn't been there and they seem to have a wealth of information (or at least opinions) so far. One of the posts led me to this older article on Smart Money: which is somewhat interesting. Lots more research to go - I'll keep you updated!

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        Don't purchase a Bosch, I have had nothing but problems since I purchased the unit...Bosch just buying time for my warranty to run out... Well I guess I beat them had oven on self clean within 1/2 hour heard a bang Glass on door all shattered

      2. Consumer Reports usually has reviews or customer reliability surveys that cover brands such as Viking and Thermador. For the most part those high end brands don't have as good of reliability as GE, Whirlpool, or Kitchen Aid, all of which are much less expensive and would be on my short list. Actually they are on my short list as we plan to add a double oven to our kitchen after the first of the year. We had considered Bosh, as I like the styling, but they have had some poor reviews here and are probably off the short list. We have several friends with GE profile and they seem to like them. I'm not a big GE fan, so I'm leaning toward Kitchen Aid.

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          I had a Kitchenaid single all stainless convection oven installed which appears to be similar, if not the same, as the one in this link. After 10 years of use, I am thrilled with it's performance. All the functions work as expected. The only minor nit is the depth of the oven I have is a touch too small (depth) for really large pizza's.

          Convection cooking is wonderful and works awesome in this oven..
          The probe cooking works wonderfully.
          Normal cooking is even and predictable.

          This oven has exceeded every expectation in every category I have used it in. Admittedly, there are features I don't use (mainly some preprogrammed cooking modes). Today, I would buy another without concern or reservation.

          I would consider others recommended on this site though but, my Kitchenaid oven is a hard act to follow. ;-)

        2. I would continue with two ovens because if something happens with one you still have the other oven. Some double ovens have less features on the second oven. There seems to be some issues with some of the more recent KA ovens. You would find more about that on gardenweb. I have an Electrolux oven(regular not Icon) and I love it. It preheats in 7 minutes and maintains the temp within a few degrees. I like the lights and it bakes very evenly.I had an issue with the enamel and they replaced the oven immediately. Any of the brands can have problems but it is how they step up and take care of their customers that counts. As far as Wolf ovens I wonder what mode they were using. I think if you use straight convection it can create hot spots. The convection roast mode rotates the elements more and I think is more even heat. Did their oven have two fans?
          How do you use your oven? That might determine what would be best.

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            You know, I don't know what mode they were using. We were cooking at their house, and they don't really know their appliances well enough to have offered much help. But, that's a good question to ask.

          2. I would also scour gardenweb for info.
            I have an Electrolux Icon Pro, and I love* it. I can also tell you that my exp with them for service was a+ grade.

            * The oven cavity size is a little bit of a dowside if I am cooking a large take and bake pizza. The cavity sizes on the Electrolux brand is a hair smaller than many standard ovens. It comes into play sometimes, but usually, it's fine.

            1. Also recommend Gardenweb. I had a set of GE profile performance wall ovens for 8 years and have now had a set of Wolf ovens for 3 years. No complaints with either of them.