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Nov 2, 2010 06:48 AM

Fuengirola Fabulousness? Does it Exist?

So...we're headed to the Costa del Sol and and will be based in Fuengirola. I've heard that small little chiringuitos (sp?) are highly recommended. True that? We've been all over Spain many times and have eaten like Kings, however haven't been to the South in a decade.

Also heard that downtown Fuengirola has many solid restaurants. Any suggestions? Close by with taxi from beach hotels?

Any personal favorites?

Muchas Gracias,

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  1. Some years since we last stayed in Fuengirola (more recently, we've been down the coast in Estepona). Assuming things havnt changed too much, then I'd certainly recommend the chiringuitos for fresh fish simply fried. You may find this link helpful (and for other neighbouring towns and villages):

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        I have been going to Fuengi for nearly 30 years as we have a family home near there. It is a tourist town, but there are some gems to be found.

        Step back from the sea front one or two blocks and you will find a lot of the local tapas bars, which can be quite good. There are also a good selection around the bus station, the metro station and the main market.

        One of my favourite places is Casa Navarra, an asador on the road to Mijas. It is definitely worth a visit.

        Amongst the more tourist restaurants, you will see one on the seafront called Puertofino. It does one of the best paella on the coast. You need to order it a day in advance.

        Hope this helps


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          Long time since I've heard from you, Simon :) What do you like best about the asador? What do you order besides lots of meats.

          Hope all is well.

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          De nada, ZF.

          I'm reminded that, around the Los Boliches area, there were a number of decent tapas joints but,as Simon suggests, you need to step back from the sea a little.