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Nov 2, 2010 06:46 AM

Lolita BYO

Hitting Lolita on 13th tomorrow night. There doesn't seem to be much past chatter about the place. I have a bottle of Patron in-hand and ready for margharitas. Any must-dos on the food side of the menu?

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  1. i had the shortrib entree (vaca con budin de papas) recently and couldn't have been happier with it - flavorful and tender and perfect for these chilly nights! i have a friend who swears by the duck (pechuga de pato) and won't order anything else there. the guacamole is also very satisfying. enjoy!

    1. I just saw the chef making her Mexican Tiramisu on 'The Best Thing I Ever Ate." it looked amazing. I've had other desserts there, and they rock, so go for it! Also, Patron for Margaritas? I can't help but think your wasting that on the mixers. However, I also like your style...

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        Thanks for the dessert input. Funny, if theres two things i'm not, its a sweets guy or a huge tequila guy. In fact, its an automatic blackout for me if i drink it straight. Patron seems to be all i can stomach, plus the lady likes it. A small bottle doesn't put you out much. Will report back tomorrow.

      2. I love Lolita! If I could offer a recommendation, it's that the meat entrees tend to outshine the fish entrees. I also recommend dessert; their cheesecake is awesome. I've not had the mexican tiramisu but that sounds great too. Enjoy!

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          Well, here's the report:
          I'll start by saying theres nothing better than good friendly service. The "maitre d" was one of the most non-pompous, hospitable, friendly and organized greeter i've ever encountered. And to enforce the non-highbrow, simplicity of the restaurant, he was dressed in causually in jeans. I'll take a nice guy in jeans over a fake pompous guy in a suit any day. The service was just the right amount; very accomodating and not overbearing (which is a HUGE pet-peeve of mine).
          We did bring a small bottle of tequila and ordered a pitcher of margarita. Waitress mixed it for us at the table and we were on our way.
          Anyway, the food: we decided to go with the guacamole with mango and chipotle for one appetizer and the pork carnitas for another. In hindsight, all we really needed was the pork carnitas, because it was served aside a small mound of guacamole as well. Guacamole was great, very light, creamy and chunky at the same time. The chipotle on top was a nice amount of heat. Served with tortillas, fried plantains and whole wheat tortillas i'm very glad we had "too much" guac. The pork carnitas (which probably would make a decent size lunch) was braised with orange and ginger. Served with warm flour tortillas, i had a hard time not finishing the plate. Entrees were a tough choice. I finally decided on the short rib dish from anj's rec above. Good choice. The ribs were extremely tender, and topped with a potato gratin and greens. I'm a sucker for good greens, and these were finished in the short ribs braising sauce nicely. My fiance went with the salmon dish. All i'll say is that i could eat a few bowls full of the accompanying hearts of palm salad. The salmon was enormous and cooked perfectly. For a picky eater like her, she had no problems with anything on the table. Her exact words were "i don't know what i'm eating, i don't care, its delicious" Unfortunately, we just couldnt fit another forkfull for any kind of dessert. I did ask for the menu however and am still kicking myself that i didnt save room. All around great experience. HIGHLY recommended. I can't imagine a weekend night as a wednesday night the place was very busy. always with atleast one or two tables waiting.

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            Thanks for reporting back.

            We love Lolita's option to substitute any meat item on the menu with tofu. It's a great option for vegetarians. And BYO margaritas never hurt, either.

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              so glad the shortrib dish worked out for you! i have never made it to dessert there either, but sounds like i'll need to make a stronger effort next time...

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                It's nuts on the weekend, I've had to wait over two hours for a table. They don't take reservations.