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Nov 2, 2010 06:41 AM

new asian grocery store megaplex? (NC, Triangle)

can anyone confirm the rumor of a large asian grocery store/megaplex (with a food court inside!) being opened at the site of the old circuit city in durham off of 15-501 and westgate across the street from super target? i heard this from my korean hairstylist who has always been in the know with the asian retail community in the RDU area.

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    1. re: castaway

      Awesome! Hooray! About time. Also like the blurb about a Penzey's Spices opening in Cameron Village.

      1. re: bbqme

        Just got back from Budapest & saw this. Oh so so excellent!! Cannot wait to shop.

      2. re: castaway

        really- great news. Thanks for the link/info.

        1. Sweet Sassy Molassey! I hope it is right up there with Grand Asia. This way I know I can pick up something fresh and not run the risk of it spoiling.

          1. is this open?!? where is this? what is it called?

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            1. re: spork

              Not open just in the works as best as the article linked in one of the posts states.