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Nov 2, 2010 05:49 AM

Fun spots in London???


Coming to London end of november for 1 week.. this is our fifth yearly visit!!! We LOVE London!! Now, we would like to try something new... we will be staying in the Marylebone/Marble Arch area. Can one suggest nice restaurants as well as fun place to go to, ie pubs, clubs for 35+ ? i've already made a reservation for Hakkasan which apparently is worth the money... A good indian restaurant would be nice... thai... and is Gordon Ramsay's restos worth it???? Thanks!!!

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  1. for indian and thai you should do a search - there's lots of discussion, usually in great detail!similarly, there have been posts about trendy, buzzy places.

    i like hix and terroir for interesting drinks and good food to follow. barrafina is also fab - just get there as it opens so you don't have to queue.

    1. I endorse Terroir, it really is just fabulous. Perhaps off the beaten path but Brixton Village is awash with innovative, cheap and sensational quality restaurants at the moment. I am concistently amazed by the place. I go there a couple of times a month and could swear more places have opened each time i go there. Also really fun vintage and antique shops, especially Circus which has a men's section which is just a riot. Te place has a real buzz and is heading in a great direction.

      NYTimes did a piece on it

      You're absolutely right, London is a fantastic city, have fun!

      1. might be a bit of a trek for you but Bistrotheque in Bethnal Green is great - try to get their on their cabaret night or Sunday lunch where they have a guy on the piano.

        1. -- a couple pubs i like: The Cow, in the Westbourne Grove area, which is a mellow gastropub w/ a nice seafood stew...and the Crown and Two Chairmen, a comfy place in Soho w/ good fish&chips...

          -- i ate some dimsum at the Hakkasan bar, and i loathed the place: annoying, pretentious, and the dimsum tasted like canned gravy poured into glue...i'd never return...

          -- the xiao long bao at Dumpling's Legend in Chinatown is very good...(but the other food there is hit or miss)...

          -- for Indian, i rec Durbar, in Notting Hill, on Hereford also might enjoy the restaurant "Hereford Rd" on the same st....

          -- for Thai, tube to Stamford Brook and eat at Thai 101...(all the central-London area Thai i've tried is awful, with the exception of some of the lunchtime stands near Old St which are ok)...

          -- you might consider some Vietnamese places, like Cay Tre or Viet Grill, in Hoxton...


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            "-- i ate some dim sum at the Hakkasan bar, and i loathed the place: annoying, pretentious, and the dim sum tasted like canned gravy poured into glue...i'd never return..."

            I thought Hakkasan was going to be dire. It is very nighclubby, quite dark and seriously designed. Everyone is frocked-up and it is quite big night out. So I didn't expect he food to be up to much - so I understand the first part of Simon's comment. We were very surprised: we had a succession of very good dishes and thought it was some of the better Chinese food we have had in the UK.

            Quite surprised about Simon's comment on the dim sum, whilst I didn't try it there we ate a Yauatcha (sister restaurant) a few times and thought their dim sum was on par with some good places we used to eat in in Hong Long.

            Are GR restaurants worth it? Depends what you mean, I have never had a bad meal at a GR place, and generally think they are reasonably priced for their consistency. I would argue you can get more culinary fireworks elsewhere. Why not try "Murano" I know Angela has bought out Gordon and is going independent but as a result it is likely to be red hot.

          2. Gordon Ramsay at Claridges is well worth the hype, and the prix fix lunch is an absolute bargain.