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Nov 2, 2010 03:33 AM

Berlin & Christmas Markets in Early December

We're planning to visit Berlin for a long-weekend in early December to check out the Christmas markets. Which ones have the tastiest treats and what are some specialties we shouldn't miss?

Also, any good suggestions for delicious, moderately priced dinners? (15-30 euro per person)
We want to sample the best of what's local (not so interested in eating French food, for example). We're up for just about any type of cuisine as long as it's something that's special to Berlin/Germany.

I should mention that since I'm pregnant, I won't be drinking any alcohol or eating raw fish/meat and my husband isn't that keen on beer, so alcohol-oriented tips are probably less useful for us.

Any advice is much appreciated!!

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  1. The prettiest Xmas market by far is the one on Gendarmenmarkt right in the center of town. Their rahmbrot (wood-oven fired bread with sour cream, chives, and speck) is divine. I go back just for that. There's also a fairly large "booth" with tables for sit-down dinners offering hearty German fare such as braised red cabbage and porky things.

    There is another Xmas market in Spandau, but I've never been cause it's a haul.

    For a very Berlin experience, I'd suggest Henne - but the only thing they serve is fried chicken and a couple of sides: potato salad and kraut salad.

    A bit more upscale but far from expensive is Renger-Patzsch, located in Schöneberg: fresh, local fare with a modern, regional take. Appetizers range from 6.50 - 11, mains are all under 20 Euro.

    For more tips, feel free to peruse my blog, but a lot of the entries are in German.