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Nov 2, 2010 02:26 AM

Best online sources for reliable Indian recipes?

Hi ya'll,
I was wondering if there are any really good blogs or other online sources for Indian recipes? I know and love a lot of the more mainstream sites for recipes (Epicurious, New York Times, various blogs), but I'm having trouble finding Indian ones that seem 'trustworthy.' Since I'm pretty limited on experimentation time, it's important for me to get a recipe (mostly) right on the first try.
Any suggestions/links would be much appreciated!

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  1. has great videos for the recipes and I have never had any of them fail also has instructional videos, wider range than manjula but I find I sometimes have a little harder time following his instructions, can almost seem he leaves things out and a lot of his amounts seem pretty guestimated

    1. There are so many!

      I like watching the Vah Chef. Dosai is something I never got the hang of - I really needed to SEE it made and explained. You can find his videos on youtube.

      In no particular order, some of these are personal blogs, some are general, some are region-specific. Keep in mind that Indian recipes written by Indians in India use different terminology than you may be used to, and may call for ingredients you can't find here even at an Indian grocers. That's ok, there's still plenty to choose from. Also, there is wide variation between and even within regions, so don't get hung up on "authenticity". Butter chicken is made using raw chicken in the South; it is sometimes made from leftover Tandoori chicken in the North. Both methods are "authentic" within their region. Most of my friends and family are from South India so that's what I'm most familiar with, and the following list probably over-represents (but is not limited to) South Indian cuisine.

      One final note. In India, most dairy products are from water buffalo milk rather than cows. Cows typically don't produce well in India, it's too hot. Water buffalo milk is MUCH higher in butter fat than USian milk. It is typically AT LEAST 7 to 8% butterfat, and can be as high as 13%. Not even Jersey cows can touch that. This is no reason to throw up your hands in surrender, but you will not get as much yield from USian milk for something like paneer as an Indian cook would expect to get from the same amount of water buffalo milk. So when a recipe calls for "full fat milk", get whole milk, 3.5%. It works ok. A friend of mine years ago used to mix cream with regular milk to get the fat content up. I tend to use powdered milk to get the yield up when I'm making paneer. But you don't have to do things like that, it'll generally just yield less, so make more to start with if necessary.

      I tried to make sure I left out the sites that require you to already know the name of the recipe you're looking for.

      Hope you find some things that you like from these.

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        Wow, what a list! Thanks for the recommendations. Definitely time for some serious searching...

      2. I love those Show Me the Curry ladies! Their recipes are simple, health conscious, and written for both non-Indians and Indians to understand (many excellent recipe sites are geared towards South Asian users and don't always translate ingredient names, don't explain about what to do with ingredients that would be new/exotic for new Indian cooks) I highly recommend :

        Zensojourner's links are great and exemplify something important to note; a good Indian food website will actually be a regional cuisine site or label the region of the recipe given (Gujarati, Malayali, Udipi) etc. as really "Indian food" is too vague a label if you are dealing with Indian cuisine in any depth.

        This is my favorite blog, the food featured is from the Indian city of Hyderabad, which has a unique and famous cuisine. the recipes are excellent:

        Geeze, when I opened the Zaiqa blog to find the link for you I saw the most recent recipe is qeema aloo methi, fenugreek spiced ground meat with potatoes! Goregous! I just lurve that Zaiqa blog!