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Nov 2, 2010 02:06 AM

Where to buy blueberry syrup and real maple syrup?

Like, delicious Vermont goodness?
No high fructose corn syrup, Aunt Jemima stuff!
I'm in the UWS. Location isn't an issue, but if it's on the 1/2/3/B/C, I'm even happier.

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  1. Zabar's used to--probably still do--carry the Monin syrups from Italy.

    Any of the big food places will have "real" maple syrup...Fairway, Zabars, Citarella, and your local supermarket. Tjs, too.

      1. re: UES Mayor

        The farmers' market near Lincoln Center, too - around the same price as Fairway and Trader Joe's for quarts. It's not from Vermont, needless to say, if the OP is looking specifically for that though.

        1. I get my Maple Syrup @ Costco. It's excellent and not outrageously priced. We use maple syrup a lot in our home. It comes in a little jug that may be more than most people will want.
          Otherwise, most any super market will carry smaller bottles of maple syrup. Union Sq farmers market has it too.
          Blueberry syrup, not a clue!

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          1. re: Motosport

            Forgot to mention above that DiPalo also carries Monin syrups--call and see if they have blueberry.

            On the UWS, Citarella would be a good bet if you strike out at Zabars.

          2. Just back from Stop and Shop on LI. They have some interesting all natural Blueberry syrup.