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Nov 1, 2010 10:15 PM

Ideas for Leftover Cake Scraps

I am making filled cupcakes (coffee cupcake filled with dulce de leche) for a friend's potluck coming up and I don't know what to do with the leftover cake scraps that will be left behind. I was thinking of ice cream cake or bread pudding, but I am a bit bored with those ideas because I make them plenty. Does anyone have suggestions for the use of leftover cake scraps? Thank you in advance!

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    1. Rum or burbon balls. Dry cake, soak in booze, roll into balls, age dust with powdered sugar or cocoa.

      1. I have a recipe for crumb cake that uses cake scraps, butter and sugar for the topping. Mash them all together and crumble over a sponge cake. I think the original is a German yeast leavened cake.

        1. Second the rum or burbon balls, but suggest you sub in cake crumbs for vanilla wafers in traditional rum balls, then dip in chocolate and add some candy corns for turkey tails. I call them sleeping turkey treats.

          1. All of these ideas are good. I'd just throw out letting them dry, then pulverizing them and mixing with melted butter for a crust for a chocolate cream pie.