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Nov 1, 2010 08:21 PM

would like a "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" roadtrip to Victoria from Calgary

Our 30th wedding anniversary is coming up and we would like to do a road trip through B.C. We would like to explore the other side of dining in B.C. We want to go where the locals dine and not the high-end dining experience that caters to tourists. We will be leaving Calgary and driving through Golden, Vernon, Penticton, Hope, Vancouver, Nanaimo then Victoria. Can you help us plan our trip?

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  1. Not to steal your thunder, but this was asked a couple of months ago ..... follow the posts, some good spots to check out :-)

    1. For the Fraser valley - here are some you might try
      Rocco's Mission BC - (DINER!)
      Chilliwack Airport Pie - Chilliwack BC (Best pie in the sky)
      Bobby Sox - Maple Ridge BC ( Diner)
      Hope Drive-In - Hope BC (DINER great burgers)
      Mitch Millers - Abbotsford (Cafe) great eggs benny
      Sasquatch Inn - Harrison Mills (Pub)

      Mitch Miller's Restaurant
      33758 Essendene Ave, Abbotsford, BC V2S2H2, CA

      1. Roast Bistro in Maple Ridge. Awesome pulled pork, awesome everything.

        I can't second the recs for either Bobby Sox in Maple Ridge, (can be scary with bikers and tweaking druggies) or Rocco's in Mission, (powdered mashed potatoes, horribly salty turkey roll on the hot turkey sandwich.)

        1. If you go just 45 minutes west of Victoria, you'll find Mom's Cafe in Sooke. A classic diner where everything is good. I'm from Sooke so I know of what I speak. I personally love the shakes.

          Here it is on Google Maps:

          1. The Husky Gas restaurant in Golden has always been rated well for what you describe (and is open 24/7 so no matter what time you get there you can eat whatever meal you want).