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Nov 1, 2010 06:03 PM

Thanksgiving (And in general) in St. Pete.

I am going to be in St. Pete with my adult family in St. Pete during Thanksgiving week. Any recommendations for dining in general and Thanksgiving specifically? We are all seafood lovers and appreciate funky and hole in the wall places with good food.

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  1. For funky hole in the wall I would recommend Nitally's Thai Mexican in downtown St Pete. It is a cute place, very small, and not super fast because they have 1 chef who prepares to order. But the food is good and definitely different. I had a panang chicken burrito there last Friday night!
    For upscale seafood I am a fan of Middle Grounds on Treasure Island. Very well prepared , high quality fresh fish in a nice atmosphere with a cool lounge area and live music.

    1. Not sure about Thanksgiving, but Walt'z Fish Shack fits the definition of funky hole in the wall with good food. It's in Madeira Beach, at the southern end of John's Pass Village. Same for Dockside Dave's, up Gulf Blvd. a ways in Madeira; excellent grouper and onion rings.

      1. I wholeheartedly agree with Middle Grounds and Dockside Dave's. Another good "hole in the wall" find is Beak's Old Florida on Central...the food is just ok, but the atmosphere is classic old Florida. If you're willing to drive a bit, my new fave "Old Florida" seafood hole in the wall is Star Fish Market in Cortez, FL (just south of St. Pete). Sitting on a working fishing dock eating outstanding Pompano and housemade alligator sausage while looking over the Gulf of Mexico is pretty spectactular. They are open for lunch and dinner, but close a bit early (I think 8pm?) Not a hole in the wall, but one of my other faves is Red Mesa Cantina downtown--great Mexican-Fusion food and it's now cool enough to sit outside and enjoy a chorizo burger and yuca fries with chipolte ketchup by the fountain in the garden.

        Red Mesa Cantina
        128 3rd St, Saint Petersburg, FL

        Beak's Old Florida
        2451 Central Ave, Saint Petersburg, FL 33713