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Nov 1, 2010 04:46 PM

Lamb, Wild Boar, Midtown

I'm looking for advice for 2 meals next week, probably lunch one day and dinner another. I'll be staying midtown, but don't mind a quick subway ride to another part of Manhattan for a really great spot. I'm craving wild boar, so I guess I'm looking for a good Italian spot. I also want some great lamb, probably Indian, but I'm open to Greek, Turkish, etc, if it is strongly recommended. I'll be dining alone, and would like to keep the lunch to perhaps $30, and dinner to $50, with tax and tip but no alcohol. Well, maybe one glass of wine with the Italian meal......

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  1. try Paola's restaurant at 1295 Madison Avenue, corner of 92nd street for a great pappardelle or Paccheri with wild boar ragu. Full portion is $22