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Nov 1, 2010 04:45 PM

Top of the Hill - peanut butter shortbread with dark chocolate crunch topping

I bought a few sandwiches at Top of the Hill in Chestnut Hill Saturday and also bought a peanut butter shortbread topped with a dark chocolate layer, as an afterthought. The dark chocolate had a crunch to it, like cornflakes or maybe rice krispies. It was the best dessert I have had in YEARS!!

I called Top of the Hill twice to try to find out more about the cookie and they said they get it from a private baker, but couldn't tell me more.

I tell you, its so good, that I went back Sunday and they didn't have anymore. I was quite upset.

Does anyone know more about this cookie? I am going to call Top of the Hill again tomorrow and talk to another person, hopefully who is in the know. I am trying to get the recipe or at least some guidelines on how to make it. I want to make it for my Diwali party (Indian Happy New Year) on Saturday.....

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  1. marking a spot in your thread in case some one does know. those sound amazing!

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        I wanted to report back that I found out the baker melts chocolate chips and mixes it with special K to give it that crunch, and then spreads it on the shortbread. I bought a half tray from Top of the Hill for my party, and they were delicious. I also think the baker spread a thin peanut butter layer on top of the shortbread, right below the chocolate, but I wasn't sure. I am going to experiment and make my own version at home with my son!