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Nov 1, 2010 03:37 PM

Which Winter Squash is the Seediest?

I'm not the biggest fan of winter squash, although I'm trying to learn to like it, but I lovelovelove roasted squash seeds. In the past couple weeks, I've had a delicata squash (pretty good, moderately seedy), a butternut squash (eh, and not many seeds, either) and a spaghetti squash (this is my favorite so far, and it was a seed extravaganza). Is there an even seedier squash out there? Extra points for a squash that is not too sweet. I am still scarred by childhood memories of sugary orange mush.

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  1. What about a pumpkin? Those have lots of seeds. It's terribly sad that we don't live in the same area. I can't eat enough seeds to keep up with my ravenous love of winter squash.

    1. I had about two cups of really tasty seeds from a kabocha yesterday. Way nuttier than butternut seeds. They were gone before I could finish telling myself not to eat them all at once...

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        My opinion and experience is kabocha and spaghetti squash are very seedy. Papaya seeds are awesome roasted to keep in mind for summer.

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          Would you please tell us how to roast papaya seeds and what to do with them subsequently.

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            Roast as you would any other seed, and season however you wish. Usually all I use is kosher salt, some prefer sea salt. Sprinkled on salads they are great - they have a peppery kick. Sometimes that can be bitter. If that is the case, usually the whole batch (whole papaya's worth) is bitter; this probably happens 25% of the time. I tries making a big batch into hummus--NOT GOOD :) Mikes in to random things like regular hummus, cottage cheese and even topped on a baked potato they are a fun change. You could easily roast with cinnamon and sugar and add to yogurt trail mix or homemade granola. Papaya seeds are great for digestion in case you didn't know :)

      2. Thanks, all. I'd forgotten about kabocha. And I recently had a very good pumpkin with garlic and scallion dish that I'd like to replicate. Papaya's also a fine idea.

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          Mind sharing that pumpkin scallion dish...?

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            I had it at a Sichuan restaurant recently, and I can't find a recipe online. But this looks a lot like it. Just substitute cubes of braised pumpkin for the grilled eggplant. Also, slice the ginger instead of mincing it, and cut the scallions into 1" lengths. Voila!


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              Even better, I love Sichuan eggplant, so surely I will love this! Thank you :)

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                I've been looking for that eggplant website off and on for a few years now; I coulldn't find it when I googled eggplant, not remembering her name. All I could remember was that the pages had a purple background. I used to use it 10+ years ago; it's a real treasure trove of eggplant recipes. Thanks for posting!

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                  You're welcome! I stumbled across it while searching for "with ginger and scallions." It's an aesthetically pleasing site, and well-written, so I'm happy to have you confirm that it's also a good source for recipes that work.