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Nov 1, 2010 02:54 PM

Favorite Wood?

Just an informal survey...

For those who grill or use a smoker, what's your favorite type of wood to use? (Include your location for survey statistics, please.)

I'll start.
I love smoking with pecan wood. And living in north Texas I can get all I need from my front yard!

And you?

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  1. I had my smoker plum in the middle of a pear grove .Thick seasoned limbs were burned down to just hot coals ,sprayed with water and at times some of the pears I'd pick off the ground.I would wet brine turkey and use a dry one on fish ,Long Island N Y .

    1. for pork sausage and lamb, i use maple and apple to give a tame, somewhat sweets-reminiscent smoke. can't say it's my favorite, since i have yet to try hickory or oak. one day i'll work my way down the list of non-poisonous woods.

      1. Mesquite for grilling, for smoking, pecan or pecan hulls, hickory also for smoking. I got ahold of some chunked up old oak wine barrels but I'm not so sure they are that great. Apple and alder are great for smoking fish. I've heard that pruned grapevine branches are good but I've never tried them.

        1. Fig wood. I am lucky enough to get it from several trees here in Northern California, so I use it whenever I smoke something.
          I also have access to apple and vine cuttings from all the vineyards up here.

          I am jealous of the pecan wood in your front yard though!

          1. Mesquite for beef, hickory for pork, apple for poultry. I made the mistake of using mesquite on a turkey once. Whoa. MUCH too strong.

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              Agreed... Mesquite is even too strong for pork IMO and it burns at a higher temperature. I use hickory most of the time but would like to try more fruit woods.