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Nov 1, 2010 02:18 PM

Restaurant required for Ruby Boys

An English Rugby Team of 60 players are going to be staying in Las Vegas in Feb 2011. They need a restaurant to go to that is moderately priced and can seat all of them together. Food should be half good - great beer is a plus!

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  1. What do you consider moderatly priced? Does it have to be on the Strip? With that many people the restaurant may require some form of a fixed menu.

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    1. re: Eric

      Moderate price - about $50.00 (food only) drinks on top. They will be staying at Hooters Hotel (I didn't book it !!) so it would be great to be close by there but taxis are really not a problem if the restaurant is worth it.

    2. How about the Queen Vic Pub in the Riviera? A proper English pub with plenty of brews on tap.

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      1. re: Sal Sagev26

        That is a possibility but they are visiting the U.S. - they should really be tasting american food not english !

      2. Judging by the title of your request I thought you were looking for a place to get a curry. Most of the curry places in Vegas are a ripoff (for example Gaylord at the Rio). However there is an excellent Thai place at around 900 East Sahara called Lotus of Siam that would certainly have room for 60 people as long as you didnt go at peak time on Friday ot Saturday. As for beer - well it's Singha and Bass and that's about it. HOWEVER I did notice that the shopping centre that houses Lotus of Siam has a couple of Indian places - one is right next door - it's not listed in Zagat's (just the ripoff Indian places are) and I would not be surprised it it's pretty good as the whole shopping centre is basically an Asian ghetto. If you want something more publike with better beer than food - there's 9 fine Irishmen at New York New York - beer is all from the guinnes folks - guinness, harp, smithwicks - limited choice (no Fullers ESB) but pretty good - so limited beer choice all within the Guinness family.

        Lotus of Siam
        953 E Sahara Ave Ste A5, Las Vegas, NV 89104

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        1. re: kagemusha49

          Really I am just thinking of some Great American Food - Entertainment would be a bonus!

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            Just had some more information passed to me - they need to be able to hand out awards - PRIVATE ROOM is probably required. Any ideas?

            1. re: Joto

              Here's a post that should be helpful in planning your event. It lists many questions you should ask a prospective venue.


              That group eventually ended up dining at Smith & Wollensky. An added bonus is is that Smith & Wollensky is just around the corner from Hooters. The walk is less than half a mile.

              Smith & Wollensky Steakhouse - Las Vegas
              3767 Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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                Thanks - this is very helpful

          2. A couple of ideas of places that won't win any culinary awards but feature a boisterous atmosphere.

            Freakin' Frog has a serious beer program:

            Tommy Rocker's has typical American pub food and a rock and roll ambiance:

            I think you'll pay less off-strip.

            Tommy Rockers
            , Las Vegas, NV 89101

            1. We will throw in another that has only been open for a bout a year, but provides a lot of space and atmosphere - the Hard Rock Cafe, on the Strip, not the one next to the Hotel on Harmon. The food meets the "half good" criteria, the beer qualifies, and they have a couple of different areas that can be booked for a group (the patio would be ideal most times, although possibly a bit on the cool side for February).