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Nov 1, 2010 12:41 PM

Brunch Buffet in Central Jersey

Hello all,

After being disappointed that there is no longer a Jazz Brunch at the Salt Creek Grille in Princeton (or maybe there never was??), I am really desparate to find a good brunch buffett in the area.

Looking for the Rt 1 corridor (New Brunswick to Princeton) but would be willing to travel a little further north or south for something really special.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Not a lot of good brunch buffets around here, but some people seem to like the one at KC Prime.

    1. I believe Rat's still has a brunch buffet although I can't vouch for the selection or tastefulness since it's been years since I've eaten there.

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        It was excellent the one time I went, but I think now it's a combo of buffett and entree. You order a breakfast/lunch entree, and then they've got like a selection of desserts or something. I could be wrong though....

        1. re: Heatherb

          No, you're not wrong. The brunch buffet is pretty much as you describe. In addition to the entree, you get a glass of champagne, access to various cold buffet items and dessert. Be warned, however, that the price is high and you will pay extra for various additional items, such as coffee, bacon, sausage, etc. With tax and tip, you can easily spend $55 pp (or more) here.

      2. As a guy spoiled on Las Vegas buffet brunches, I have found that there is almost nothing in all of NJ, much less the Rt 1 corridor, that compares well. The hotels in AC are fairly lame, and in New Brunswick, the Glass Woods Tavern at the Hyatt Regency was decent enough for a seminar breakfast once and they do have a buffet.
        The only comparable place that has a real buffet brunch is in Red Bank at the Molly Pitcher Inn. Like Vegas, it is not cheap, but they do a good job with the food and the view of the river is very soothing.
        Or, you could just give up the buffet idea, like I have, and eat a plain old breakfast at any one of a number of good options.

        Molly Pitcher Inn
        88 Riverside Ave, Red Bank, NJ 07701

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          Found these by looking around:

          The Mill at Spring Lake Heights, NJ - Long known for its exceptional Sunday buffet brunches, for Easter and Mothers Day, they offer a special Sunday Brunch Buffet in their picturesque Water View Room.

          Salt Creek Grille, Rumson, NJ - They offer a champagne brunch buffet with an omelet station, carving station, waffle station, peel -n-eat-shrimp, and more. Kid Friendly.

          Lambertville Station
          This historic restaurant, located in the heart of Lambertville NJ in an old train station offers two Sunday brunches that run from 10:00 AM till 2:30 PM. Their a la carte brunch offers selections like: soups, salads, eggs Benedict, salmon and lobster Benedict, steak and eggs, french toast, breakfast burrito, prime rib melt, crab cakes, sandwiches, burgers and seafood. Their "Riverside Champagne Buffet Brunch" offers items like: fresh breads, bagels, croissants, fresh fruit, cheeses, salads, smoked salmon, made to order Belgian waffles, omelets, eggs Benedict, sausage, bacon, potatoes, shrimp, roasted hams and turkeys, pastas and of course Champagne. The price for the brunch buffet is $21.95 per person (12.95 for children 10 and under) Lambertville Station also offers, alfresco dining along the canal, lunch and dinner 7 days a week, cocktails, wine, beer, live music, and hosts private parties and weddings. The restaurant is a short walk across the New Hope/Lambertville bridge.
          11 Bridge Street, Lambertville NJ, 609-397-8300

          No idea if any of these are current or not. I did see one that said "starting in October 2006" so didn't bother copying that one. :)

          Lambertville Station Restaurant
          11 Bridge Street, Lambertviile, NJ 08530

        2. The Washington Crossing Inn, just across the Delaware and in my opinion, not too far away from the Route 1 corridor has a Sunday Brunch Buffett. I've been a few times and always enjoyed it.