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Nov 1, 2010 11:11 AM

Kosher in South Florida?

I will be traveling to South Florida (Boca, Palm Beach, Miami) next month and need recommendations for Shabbat take out and places to eat on Sunday and Monday in Boca and Miami/N Miami Beach. I need to impress people who don't keep kosher. Last time I was there with these friends we ended up at a bad pizza place with rude out of towners and the food took forever where the food took forever to get to us and a gross chinese place that may have made us sick.

Please let me know any recommendations!!! I will have a car and am willing to drive for a good meal, especially nice lunch and dinner places. Shabbat takeout is easier but please recommend as well.


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  1. Ben's in Boca is kosher...Excellent deli and chicken soup/matzo ball. Food looks excellent, but can't vouch for food other than deli. It's on 441 north of Yamato Rd.

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      some people don't consider Ben's to be Kosher as it's under an independent supervision and is open on the Sabbath.

      Check out the ORB (Orthodox Rabbinical Board) website and the Boca Raton synagogue's website for lists of Kosher establishments

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        They actually "sell " the restaurant on the Sabbath in order to remain open and are under Rabbinical supervision.

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          my family would consider Ben's Kosher (and they loved it btw) but many do not. It all depends on levels of Orthodoxy. We don't know the OP's requirements which is why I suggested the ORB.

    2. In Miami Beach in Arthur Godfrey Road which is the same as 41st Street there are a series of Kosher Restaurants, there is a Sushi Place, a Chinese, an Israeli and an Steakhouse

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        The best for Shabbat - assuming you mean to pick up before - is Aroma in Cooper City, but it is quite far from most places.

        Great option in Miami Beach for dinner is Rare - steakhouse on Arthur Godfrey. Good food, kosher or not, and nice, hip interior.

      2. You might ask this on the kosher board as well - another source would be

        1. Sunrise Pita & Grill
          2680 North University Drive, Sunrise, FL 33322

          GLATT Kosher and AWSOME it's the first place I go when I visit the area, great falafel, Schwarma etc :)

          Sunrise Pita & Grill
          2680 N University Dr, Sunrise, FL 33322

          1. I don't keep kosher but last night I was definitely impressed with Thai Treat in North Miami. They also serve Japanese and Indian. My boyfriend's family keeps kosher and they love it, and everything I tried was delicious and better than most of the Thai I've had down here, kosher or not. Also, Pita Hut on 41st St. has good sushi, in addition to the typical falafel and whatnot.

            Thai Treat
            2176 NE 123rd St, North Miami, FL 33181

            Pita Hut
            534 Arthur Godfrey Rd, Miami, FL 33140

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              There is a Kosher Sushi Restaurant on A1A south of commercial on the East Side... Forgot the name, but truely enjoyed the meal. Also in Boca, on Jog Rd and Palmetto on the South West Corner there is a Kosher Market, which has prepared foods. You also have Glicks in Delray, I believe on Atlantic and Jog, which has and does prepared foods.