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Nov 1, 2010 11:09 AM

where to buy a dairy free (not vegan, though) birthday cake

Hi Everyone,

I have my challenges with dairy and love birthday cake. My favorite is a fluffy yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I've been making birthday cakes for myself and my family for years, but I would like to have a professional, tasty, not full of ingredients I can't pronounce, birthday cake without the fuss. Does anyone know where I can get a dairy free birthday cake in the Boston area or burbs? I've tried some kosher establishments, but their cakes taste artificial. I'd be willing to order something on line if I knew where to go, but I would prefer something local that isn't frozen for travel. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Most Chinese bakeries make cake that is dairy free. However, if you don't like the kosher cakes, you may not like these cakes. I would recommend Eldo Bakery, or perhaps Bao Bab Bakery in Chinatown for your cake. They have fluffy yellow cakes with vanilla frosting usually, but I think you could get a chocolate frosting version also.

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      Thanks, cheezsandwich for your reply. I was hoping someone would get back to me as to where I might find the elusuve dairy free b-day cake. I've written down the names of the bakeries and will check them out. Much appreciated!

    2. Try Fiore's Italian Bakery in JP. Lots of good vegan options (as a non-vegan I can say they are just a good as traditional cakes).

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        Sounds good and close by to where I live. Thanks, nicjp!

      2. Party Favors in Coolidge Corner will do a dairy-free cake that tastes just like their regular cake. Their cakes are very frosting-heavy.

        Blacker's Bakery, which is a kosher bakery in Newton, also makes custom cakes that are dairy-free (since they're kosher). My husband ordered one for my birthday this year and it was delicious. It was sort of a regular, straight-forward, very fresh cake and people couldn't believe it was dairy-free.

        Party Favors
        1356 Beacon St, Brookline, MA