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Nov 1, 2010 11:03 AM

Innovative restaurant in NY/NJ Area

Hi all, I don't get a night out often and my husband offered me a dinner date at the restaurant of my choosing. I'm a real foodie and would love to go somewhere really good. I have not been to Mosaica and was thinking that would be a good choice. Last times we went to Abigails and Les Marais, which we thought were both just o.k. I have been to a lot of non-kosher upscale restaurants before I was kosher and was looking for something more in that vein. Tall order I know. Any favorites?

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  1. Solo and Mosaica are the first ones that come to mind for me.

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    1. re: DeisCane

      I was just at Mosaica for lunch last week, it was good but it is a bit a of schlep depending are where you are coming from

      Sooooo where are you coming from?

      I understand Etc in Teaneck is also very good

      If it were me, I would do Prime KO in the city.
      Or if you like indian, Dakshin

      1. re: vallevin

        Etc in Teaneck is excellent, and if you're in NJ already, well worth not schlepping into the city.

        1. re: njkosher

          Thanks I will look into Etc. We are in teaneck but I don't mind a little schlepp....if its worth it..which is why I am asking because so many kosher places are a big dissapointment. So if a chowboarder was impressed with the place I think that should be a good indication.

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            i would go to basil in brooklyn or pardes in brooklyn.

            1. re: koshergourmetmart

              Thank you! Those are exactly the types of places I was looking for!

              1. re: azna29

                I thought their menus looked the most original. I also like Ariel's in engelwood (alot)

                1. re: koshergourmetmart

                  Oh yeah, I forgot.

                  My shul used Ariel's for our seudat shlishit last Shabbos. We thought he did a great job and the restaurant does look nice.

                  I'll suggest Ariel's

                  1. re: vallevin

                    I'll throw one more somewhat obscure one out there: the tasting menu at Tel Aviv in Great Neck. Well worth $45.

                    1. re: vallevin

                      I really wanted to like Ariel's (since the menu looks so good), but the pizza I got there as take-out was oily and salty (the dough itself was salty). Maybe their other choices are better.

        2. Mike's Bistro on the UWS. Best in class hands down.

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          1. re: SRG

            While I have enjoyed my several excursions to Mike's Bistro, I've found Mosaica more consistently innovative, the quality the OP is seeking.

            1. re: SRG

              We don't see anything innovative at all at MIke's and were very disappointed with what we ordered. Aside from the duck gnocchi, everything was quite boring. As I mentioned on a previous thread, we also did not merit the "Mike treatment" even though he was there and we were the only ones dining at that time (early early dinner). I still maintain that a good restaurant should be good 99% of the time and an innovative restaurant should tackle all their dishes in an innovative way with no mediocrity. Why some of you consistently talk up Mike's is beyond us.

            2. I recommend Solo. Before I started to keep kosher I used to eat at all of the top restaurants in NYC thanks to my job. I had the tasting menu at Solo, with wine pairing, and my sister and I were very impressed. The service was terrible, but after I complained to the manager, the service got a lot better. The food compared to traif restaurants!

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                The only way I've ever eaten a regular meal at Solo was, in fact, on an expense account, and that's the only way I'd ever recommend it to anybody else. I love food, but their food isn't so good as to justify their prices.

              2. We ended up going to Pardes because we happen to be in the area. It was very good and relatively inexpensive. We shared 4 appetizers (they have a lot of appetizers on their menu), 2 entrees, and 2 desserts and it came out to about $100. Totally worth it. Some of the dishes were more successful than others but the food was good and there was some original stuff. The brisket was particularly good. I don't think I would drive out for it except maybe on a special occassion or something. But I would definitely make a point to go back next time i'm in Brooklyn.

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                1. re: azna29

                  as Pardes is new and relatively unknown you might want to consider writing a separate review under a new subject heading