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Nov 1, 2010 10:47 AM

FIsh Head and Bones for Stock

I'm trying to make my own fish stock for bouillabaisse. Does anyone know a fish market that sells fish heads and bones? I've called Fairway and they can't help me.

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  1. All the Asian markets have a section in the fish area for heads...usually salmon, striped bass, tilefish, and grouper.

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    1. re: EricMM

      usually, it would be the discarded parts from people who only order the steaks or fillets, so there's no issue of it being fresh or not. if you went direct to the fishmonger at any market, I'm sure they'd hook you up. definitely in asian markets, they just keep the heads and other spare bits on ice, leftovers from other customers (but then again, in a real asian market, every customer is taking those spare bits with them!)

      1. re: bigjeff

        The fish heads I see are always enormous. These are all from the giant steak fish. Smaller fish, I agree....the heads go with the fish. Funny...I have frequently seen monkfish heads..usually at NY Market, but never monkfish fillet. Better than fish heads- get the head on shrimp, and make the stock from the heads. Much better in flavor, in my opinion, than fish stock.

    2. Blue Moon at the Union Square Greenmarket and GAP Greenmarket (as well as other markets) have fish bones that they give out.