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Nov 1, 2010 10:14 AM

4 Days in Fulham, London

Hi all,

I'm looking for dining suggestions for my upcoming trip to London. I'm staying with a friend in Fulham so ideally, would like a couple options near that area that are walkable and then any other "musts" in London. I'm interested in cheap to moderate places, with amazing food...would be open to one splurge location as well.

I currently live in NYC, and frequent places like Momofuku Milk Bar, dell'anima, Blue Ribbon Bakery, Shake Shack, Wilfie and Nell, etc - so really love places that are reasonable in price, not touristy, yet still amazing food. If that helps with suggestions...

Some places I've considered thus far:
In Fulham -
Harwood Arms

Outside of Fulham -
Moti Mahal
Charlotte Street Hotel (afternoon tea)
Smith of Smithfield's
Lantana Cafe
Borough Market (day trip)

Would love to hear any suggestions!


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  1. A short bus ride or a long walk away (via Putney) is Barnes, which is green and pleasant, with good birdwatching and strolling at the wetland centre, and some of the best tea in London (Orange Pekoe). They do very good cream tea as well.

    1. A few places I recommend in the area in addition to the Harwood Arms based on infrequent visits to friends in that part of town;

      Taiwan Village on Lilie Rd - haven’t been in a few years though its still getting great reviews.
      It’s a solid local option.

      The White Horse on Parson's green and Tendido Quatro (tapas/paella) would be the other two that come to mind

      Lastly not sure Smith of Smithfield's should be lumped in w/ amazing food. Its a good buzzy place and the top floor can be pretty good. Though its typically not mentioned in the same breath as other great steaks in town.


      1. Advice for Borough Market... about 11 or 12 on a Friday is probably the best time to go. Saturday is a madhouse and I wouldn't advise visiting that day at all. It's a fun place - enjoy!

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        1. re: zuriga1

          Any stalls in particular I should look for at the Borough Market? I heard something about a particularly delicious grilled cheese?

          Noted on Smith of Smithfields. The reviews I read made it sound like good food in a good location/with other stuff to do other than eating (although eating is my primary concern :) )

          And to clarify, definitely willing to travel outside of Fulham (not really sure what the area is like) but maybe places closer than 45m - 1 hr on the tube.


          1. re: HM101

            The Atlas on Seagrave Road is a great pub that does really decent food. Not as refined as the Harwood perhaps, but a great local choice if you're based in Fulham.


            1. re: HM101

              The Borough Market has a good website with all the places listed... it's worth a look-see to sort of orientate (is that a word?) yourself with the location of things. The grilled cheese sandwich is quite yummy. If you get there early, there's a great tapas restaurant called Brindisi, and their food is excellent. I also like a chocolate shop called Rabot Estate - pricey but good for small gifts to take back home.

              Monmouth coffee is very good - their small shop is good for resting the tired feet. :-)

          2. -- if you want to do your splurge in the greater Fulham area, consider Cambio de Tercio...

            -- Borough Market is great...i like the soup/fish-stew/green-curry place...and the chorizo sandwich (though maybe not worth it depending on wait -- a judgement call)...and the Wright Bros oyster bar is wonderful (though quite pricey)...

            -- Smith of Smithfields seems more of a hipster techno scene than about the food...if you want brunch in that area i'd rec the Modern Pantry...or even better, Caravan, a local fav that's good for brunch or dinner...and Morito (a spinoff of Moro), a tapas/N.African place down the walk from Caravan...or get a couple starters in the bar area of St. John (the brown shrimp and cabbage salad is esp yummy, as is the snails&oakleaf salad) -- get a couple of those, some wine and dessert and you'll prob be very happy for a light supper...

            -- re: Charlotte St. Hotel, i've never been there for tea but have had dinner&drinks at the bar more than once...the food quality is quite good, nice staff, cocktails, etc -- but it's very LA, in a well-executed London kinda way, if that makes sense...i like it, but i wouldn't rush there on a short trip...

            -- you could also consider either a) Vietnamese, maybe at Cay Tre or Viet Grill in Hoxton/Shoreditch...or b) Malaysian, at Sedap or at Rasa Sayang...both are cuisines that London does better than NYC...

            -- and, if you want an authentic Thai meal, from Fulham you are a short subway ride from Thai 101 near Stamford Brook station in the greater Hammersmith area...

            Enjoy, and please report back...

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            1. re: Simon

              You won't be far from the River Cafe. It is certainly not cheap, but if you go for lunch and stick to antipasto and pasta and pud (the desserts are divine) it's under £30 for a really good meal, made from the best ingredients. The surroundings are buzzy and you can go for a stroll along the autumnal river path afterwards.

              1. re: Jenny Sheridan

                Thanks for all the recommendations! I'm slowly starting to investigate each spot before I leave tomorrow...

                So what would everyone say is the most exciting neighborhood food-wise in London these days (not expensive)? Good blocks for afternoon shopping?

                1. re: HM101

                  If you want to go to The Harwood Arms for dinner, which I highly recommend, make sure you reserve now.

                  1. re: Nancy S.

                    Harwood Arms is already fully booked through next Monday! Wow. Does anyone know if they take walk-ins? Wouldn't mind waiting at the bar for a while...

                    1. re: HM101

                      when i was there it was fully booked all night. i'd ring and ask them if they think it's worth you trying for a walk-in.