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Nov 1, 2010 09:49 AM

Phoenixville Guatemalen Resto?

A Guatemalen restaurant in Phoenixville? Can anyone give us the scoop on Antigua Guatemala? And how does Guatemalen food differ from Mexican food (real Mexican, not Tex-Mex)? I need an education here!

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  1. Antigua Guatemala is so amazingly good, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. They've recently expanded their menu and my girlfriend is now a super-fan. The service is first-rate and everything is made in-house. It's BYO but don't miss out on the Horchata - a cinnamon flavored sweet milk concoction.

    The reviews here should help you with the style of food aspect:

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      Thanks, Fitzy! I will check it out. Horchata, buy the way, isn't made with milk, it's made with rice milk. Some people think it;s an aquired taste, but I love it with spicy Mexican food because it helps tame the burn. They actually sell it on the streets in Mexico, and you can find mixes (sort of like the old Koolade envelopes) in Mexican grocery stores. Here's a link to a good recipe in case you want to try it at home: