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Nov 1, 2010 09:40 AM

Ramunto's Pizza coming to Keene, NH- sad to see a chain, but curious about how it is?

For the past few weeks, a pretty old restaurant building on Keene has been undergoing renovation, and when they unveiled the sign, it was Ramunto's Brick Oven Pizza. After some quick internet investigation, I was sad to find out that this is part of a regional chain. It's hard to imagine getting excited about chain pizza, but before writing it off completely, I thought I'd see if others had been to one in a different location. I've seen the name mentioned in passing a couple of times on here (Hanover, Lebanon), but never with much detail. Thoughts? Is it worth at least trying it once it opens?

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  1. I think Ramuntos is really good. I've only eaten at the Rutland location. The buffalo chicken pizza is outstanding. The specialty pies can be a little expensive but they have a great deal for lunch, two (huge) cheese slices and a pepsi for $3.75.

    Basically, everything I've eaten from there has been at least as good as the "one off" or non-chain pizza places I've eaten in. We are not talking Dominos or Pizza Hut here.

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      Ramunto's Pizza restaurants ARE individually owned, so chances are it's a Keene local who owns it.
      That said, I also really like Ramuntos. I've had it from the Rutland, Middlebury & St. Johnsbury locations. Certainly worth a try IMO.

    2. Best Pizza in VT/NH. I would not worry that they have a handful of stores. Claremont is the my favorite, cool mill atmosphere and killer food.

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        Thanks everyone for this feedback. You've made me a bit more optimistic. We'll definitely give it a try once it's open.

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          My only gripe with the Claremont location is that it's table-service only. I used to be able to go in for quick slices before a movie, but now I usually have to commit to being there for 45 minutes.

        2. It's a chain? I think I was eating at one of the first ones way back when I went to school in Hanover, NH some 10-15 years ago. I know back then they just had one other location. I'm a Jersey girl (no Snookie comments, please:). I was DELIGHTED when they showed up, because they make pizza just like in the NY-NJ-PA area. It was really really good. I couldn't get Sicilian slices anywhere else while I was up there. I'm pretty sure I spent most of my senior year of college there eating Sicilian pizza and drinking birch beer (and gaining a ton of weight). If they've maintained their quality over the years, I'd say definitely go and give it a try. The pizza was very different from the other pizza shops in the area (and very familiar to me).

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            Yeah, I'm definitely not a fan of most area pizza places, but the various Ramunto's seem to do a decent enough job (the Hanover "Brick and Brew" one is only tangentially related to the others, BTW), and they all seem to have decent tap beer selections as well.

          2. Ramunto's is true New York pizza, both thin crust and Sicilian. It is slightly higher in price than the competition but WAY better. Great atmosphere. Bar is fun. Plenty of TV's.

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              They are growing because they have found franchise investors that realize it is a good product. I think you will find their pizza to be very good.

            2. Put it this way. I am from Keene but live in Lebanon. One thing I love about Keene is all the good restaurants, unless you want pizza. I haven't been happy with the pizza options in Keene since Foodies went out of business. When I heard you are getting a Ramuntos down that way I was thrilled. I don't know what your favorite pizza option is now but personally I think it's better than any option currently in town.