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Nov 1, 2010 09:30 AM

Ingredients (Spices) for Pho in Baltimore

I will be making homemade Pho for the first time ever this weekend :)

I drove out to the good old H-Mart last night thinking I'd be able to find all of the ingredients, but was surprised to find that they didn't have whole star anise (just ground) or cardamom pods.

Can anyone tell me where to find these spices? I live in Baltimore City.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Weird, I've bought both of those there. They don't keep all their spices together though.

    1. Those are both usually available at Eddie's, in my experience. Penzeys online is a great spice source as well, especially if you're buying in quantity.

      1. All Green Market across from Marley Station south of town.

        Absolutely love this place. Spices shouldn't be a problem. I made pho recently using prepacked Vietnamese boquet garne bags. Hardly a purist way to go, but the end result was awfully good.

        Great produce selection here as well.

        1. Giant stores usually have those

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            Yeah, I ended up going to the Superfresh in Hampden and found them both. Go figure.

            Thanks everybody :)

              1. re: hon

                Mine too. I usually don't mind driving all over God's creation for great food or ingredients - but it's good to know that our local grocery store has those things. I went to the Giant at the Rotunda right before Superfresh because they usually have a better selection of Asian goodies (at outrageous prices) but they didn't have the star anise.

                I realize that I could have gone to Asia Food and gotten things a lot cheaper - but I was a mile from home, being lazy and didn't want to chance them not having what I needed ;)

                1. re: bebop102007

                  I used to find cheap spices at Giant in the Indian food section. Try there.