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November Farmers' Markets, CSAs, Farmstands and winter plans

There are still some farmers' Markets open in the area. I shop Copley, City Hall, and Dewey Square and all three are still going strong. They will be open until Thanksgiving week. Dewey Square (Tues & Thurs) has a new farmer with Grass-fed lamb and free-range pork.

I have a piece on Serious Eats today with lots a photos and links covering the Boston/Cambridge November Markets.


What is open in your area and what are you hearing about winter markets and winter CSAs?

We are doing the Gloucester Fish CSA with friends and can't wait to enjoy some great meals from that source.


And, I'm also looking at "Farmers to You" from Vermont. That is a different idea. You commit to a spending minimum so the farms can plan but you get to choose what you buy. I hope they come up with a Boston pick up location. They say they need about 40 customer to make it work. Any ideas for a pick up spot?


I remain a Boston Organics customer. I've been with that service from the beginning.



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  1. I've been considering Boston Organics for some time now... Just wondering...Is there a delivery fee, plus the cost of a weekly box?

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      The price you choose for your box includes delivery. You do have to pay for a tote if you don't return it but I leave a cooler for the delivery crew and they put my stuff in the cooler for me and take away their tote each time.

      They also have a dogma box where they find the most local items possible. And, I find myself using the add on items more often lately . This week I've added maple syrup and a bar of one of the new Taza flavors.


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        Many thanks Penny. Now to have conference with my husband.

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        Gio, I have tried Boston Organics and as far as the fruit goes, it just never seemed to ripen. The citrus was fine but the pears, kiwis etc were always rock hard. I think the veggies are better than the fruit- salad greens and other veggies were always good. I ended my service with them because I just wasnt getting things I would use. Perhaps the fruit has improved, if so, do let us know.

      3. I am still receiving vegetables every other week from the Red Fire Farm CSA and will be getting vegetables twice/month through March.

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          They were at the winter market in at Russell's Garden Center last year and had a nice selection of items. Good going Red Fire!


        2. Central Square market today attracted far fewer farms. However, I had no trouble finding some nice looking vegetables. My purchases today included butternut squash [pretty small ones], leeks, potatoes, cauliflower, lettuce, carrots and some tart apples. Also on display tomatoes, eggplant, turnips, and lots of peppers. The Hmong farmers were gone so no nice herbs.

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            I was there, too. Lots to choose from, even a fair amount of tomatoes still hanging around. Bought some lovely sweet potatoes from Kimball and a huge bag of gorgeous parsnips from the organic farm (can't remember the name).

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              Hutchins Farm, I bet. I bought a head of lettuce from them and served with a simple oil and vinegar dressing tonight. Might be the last local lettuce salad of the season.

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                Get the upcoming Boston Globe Sunday Magazine on Nov. 7th. They are featuring winter farmer's market in this issue.

                The whole issue is a foodie must. Great stuff.

          2. The Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources has a listing of fall & winter markets for the 2010 - 2011 season. Some are single day events, others are monthly or weekly.

            1. chelmsfordagwayfarmersmarket.blogspot.com

              From November 13 - February 5, there will be a new winter farmers' market inside the greenhouse at the Agway in Chelmsford. Hours are 10-2. Info on vendors is on the link.

              1. For a great farmstand in the city we go to Marshall's Fenway Farm Stand in the Fenway, on Boylston St. across from the Star. They have a good selection of produce, some organic and some from their own farm in Gloucester, plus other local products. Allendale is still open too if you have wheels.

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                  Thanks for the reminder, Marshal's is great. I have to get over there and support them with some of my food dollars. And, Trattoria Toscana is right around the corner. I'll bring a cooler.


                  Trattoria Toscana
                  130 Jersey St, Boston, MA 02215

                2. The Hingham market is open through tomorrow, the Sat before Thanksgiving. Fewer vendors but still worth the trip. They are also having a holiday market on 12/11 at Derby Academy in Hingham.

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                    Do they still have the Lobster Man at that market? Might be a nice place for a Saturday drive and pick up some fresh & Local.


                  2. I did the Enterprise Farm CSA this summer (just ended last week!) and was very happy with the variety and quality of vegetables each week and the delivery service was very convenient through MetroPedalPower.

                    They do have a winter CSA that starts up in a few weeks, but since I travel a lot during winter won't be signing up. I'll be back next summer though!

                    1. I just joined to say thank you for the links! I'm starting a job in Cambridge and was looking for winter CSAs/markets, but Farmers to You looks perfect for me. (They have a pickup in Cambridge, and $30/week min is easy when they sell meat and dairy as well as produce).

                      Thanks a lot!

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                        Welcome to this great community! I just posted a new conversation about this topic for December in case you'd like to follow that one.