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Nov 1, 2010 09:07 AM

Where to go for cennone di capo d'anno (New Year's eve dinner) in Venice 2011?

I will be in Venice for 10 days over New Year's with my parents. I'd like to go to a nice cennone with the midbight brindisi and all, but not at 300 euros per person. Is it possible to find something in teh 100 or 150 euros a person? Thank you.

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  1. I was in Venice several years ago over the New Year. Much was closed at that time, including (from my notes):
    ● da Fiore
    ● Osteria alle Testiere
    ● Covo
    ● Omar
    ● Mascaron
    ● Osteria al Portego
    ● Trattoria alla Madonna

    We had a nice NYE dinner at Osteria Antico Giardinetto, but the restaurant has since changed hands.

    Although I had ruled these out, the following were open:
    ● Corte Sconta
    ● Vini da Gigio
    ● Osteria dalla Marisa
    ● Osteria di Santa Marina
    ● Osteria Anice Stellato

    My favorite meal from that trip was out in Cavellino at Trattoria Laguna. The owners will pick you up from the ferry stop at Punta Sabbioni. The fish was fantastic. Johnny Apple's write-up:

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      Thank you very much for the extensive reply. From the ones I read about in general, i did get a few replies saying they were closed for New year's. I read of two places where food was recommended: antiche carampane and osteria garanghelo that responded that they are open for New Year's. Perhaps I should also check with Cavellino. Many thanks.

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        Ristorante Antico Martini 2010 San Silvestro Menù
        With only two fingers:
        Finger food welcome
        As a watch: variety of raw and cooked fish and shellfish
        Foie Gras brased with aged Porto sauce
        Tonka beans crackers garnished with bitter orange marmalade
        Crab ravioli on a ginger & salicornia sauce
        Stien corn- wheat “gnocchi” with Kitake mushrooms on a cream of clams
        Pineapple Sorbet
        Herb crusted fillet of sea bass served with potato and cuttlefish timbale
        Fillet of veal stuffed with truffle and pistachio “buffalo burrata”
        Sweet world:
        selection of desserts
        € 250,00 per person Price includes : Wine, water, coffee, service and V.A.T. Water : S.Pellegrino / Panna. White wine : “Sharjs “ - 2009 – Livio Felluga. Red wine : “Pinot Nero Campo alle More “ – Az. Gini.
        VeneJan: where Venice meets the East on New Year's Eve. Restaurant Terrazza Danieli is pleased to invite you to celebrate New Year's Eve with an exclusive event: a cocktail lounge party on the most famous Terrazza of the lagoon, savouring innovative gastronomic creations inspired by oriental flavours and accompanied by signature cocktails and wines selected by our expert sommeliers.
        Oriental-style raw fish: Langoustine shrimp, yellow tail tuna, sea bass with wasabi and soy sauce
        Sushi Venetian Hotel Danieli's traditional steamed fish with its sauces
        Vicenza-style baccalà and polenta
        Grilled octopus salad with celery and potatoes
        Beef Carpaccio with sake
        Pasta and beans
        Ramè Noodles with prawns, squid and vegetables
        White rice
        Lobster ravioli with tomatoes and eggplants
        Seafood Laguna Risotto
        Venetian Pasta Pie
        Crispy sea bass with Ponzu sauce
        Mixed grill of John Dory, Turbot, Sea bass and jumbo prawns
        Lamb chop with Mediterranean couscous
        Duck glazed with honey and Bengala black pepper
        Japanese beer seared beef served with its sauce
        Grilled and Mushi Style creamed vegetables
        Zuccotto Veneziano
        Ginger Chocolate mousse
        Janapese White Tea Crème Brulée
        After midnight traditional
        Pandoro & Panettone
        Lentils, Cotechino & Zampone
        Barmen and Sommelier selection
        €230,00 per person Wines and beverages, VAT and service shuttle boat transfer to/from Hotel Danieli on New Year's Eve included for non-resident guest included

        A bit expensive! Do you think we could see the fireworks from the terrace of the restaurant?

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          And now the "Da Fiore" New Years Eve menu
          VENEZIA 31 DICEMBRE 2010

          Horse d’œuvre
          Shrimps marinated with fennel and ewe’s cheese,sea bass tartar and tuna carpaccio
          with capers and oreganum € 36
          Warm striped bass with
          puntarelle salad € 36
          Fried oysters with hot sauce € 34
          Mantis shrimp on potatoes and
          savoy cabbage € 32
          Baby artichokes salad with tarocco
          orange and truffle cheese € 28
          Sausage, home Martin with white
          Truffles from Alba € 32

          First courses
          Spelt soup with calamaretti,prawns,vegetables € 32
          Pappardelle oysters and saffron € 32
          Roll of fresh pasta with spinach,sole
          and Scorpion fish sauce € 38
          Taglierine with spider crab and
          baby artichoke € 32
          Risotto with shrimps and feneel
          (min 2 porz.) € 34
          Potato and cheese ravioli with white
          truffles from Alba € 66
          Marrow risotto with Franciacorta Brut
          2005 Ca del Bosco (min 2 porz.) € 34
          Main courses
          Deep fried soft-shell crabs on arugula
          and orange salad € 48
          Roasted wild eel with laurel € 44
          Steamed wild sea bass with stewed apples
          and balsamic vinegar € 54
          Monkfish rolled with bacon fat
          and cabbage € 46
          Jumbo shrimp in bread “shirt” with
          aromatic herbs € 68
          Roast musk duck € 38
          Veal liver rolls with sage € 38

          Cheeses € 22
          Sorbets and ice creams € 16
          Desserts € 20

          New Year’s eve tasting menù
          7 course € 200
          Dishes may change according to the market of the morning.

          1. re: divinecomedie

            Ristorante Il Ridotto (Castello 4509) is also open and offers a Capodanno menu priced at 180 euros !
            Corte Sconta
            Ristorante Riviera
            Alle Testiere are closed

            1. re: divinecomedie

              In another forum, I've read that A Beccafico is open New Year's Eve. No idea whether a la carte or with a Capodanno menu. This is not a recommendation for A Beccafico; I've never eaten there.

            2. re: divinecomedie

              Nice that da Fiore allows one to order a la carte and not raise their prices. It is "bargain" for Venice New Years Eve.

              1. re: PBSF

                That sounds great. I also found that a small place is a favorite of many friends: trattoria di antiche carampane, has a menu for only 130 euros.

                1. re: annadp

                  I cannot comment on Antiche Carampane's New Year eve's menu because I am never in Venice during the holidays. It is one of our favorite restaurant in Venice.
                  For glamour and New Years Eve celebration, I would consider da Fiore and order a la carte. The 200E menu might be tempting but it is probably too much food for me and good to save some euros.

      2. Thank you. I really appreciate the advice and the menus!

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          After Antiche Carampane, Antico Martini, Osteria Da Fiore, Il Ridotto,
          Fiascheterria Toscana offers New Year's Eve dinner's at around 170-180 euros
          Menu and price be fixed on the 1st week of december.
          The dinner will start at 20,30 to finish after midnight.On the dinner there are included 2 glasses of wine, a glass of Spumante for aperitif and a glass of Champagne to celebrate the new
          Personally, I hesitate between:
          Antiche Carampane the cheaper (140 euro) the most authentic but far from the fireworks and the celebrations of New Year's St. Mark's Square
          ( the glamour ) Da Fiore tempting "a la carte menu" and not so expensive for a one Michelin star but far from the fireworks too !
          Terrazza Danieli lounge menu, the less authentic (Stardwoods hotel standards) and the most expensive (230 euros) but with "all inclusive" and no doubt a breathtaking view of the fireworks of New Year.
          Can you help me make a choice?

          1. re: divinecomedie

            And today the "Ai Mercanti" (San Marco 4346/A Calle dei Fuseri Corte Coppo)
            "Menù à la carte" per l'ultimo giorno dell'anno

            Antipasti-Hors d'oeuvres
            Scallops with jerusalem artichoke sauce and Avruga caviar € 45,00
            Warm lobster salad and panzanella € 45,00
            Goose foie gras terrine with dates and dates icecream € 45,00
            Rolls of beef carpaccio stuffed with goat cheese, chicory hearts and alfa alfa sprouts€ 45,00
            Primi piatti-First courses
            Spaghetti in carbonara style with smoked eel and salmon fish caviar€ 45,00
            Milk risotto with oyster and coffee powder € 45,00 per pers.
            Tagliolini with white truffle€ 70,00
            Home made ravioli stuffed with artichokes on sheep ricotta cheese soup ,and thin slices of mortadella € 45,00
            Secondi piatti-Second courses
            Amber fish with dried and fresh vegetables in lemon grass sauce€ 60,00
            Daily pourpose from the fishmarket with steamed vegetables and Campari reduction€ 60,00
            Braised beef cheecks in barbera’wine, mashed potatoes and fennel sorbet€ 60,00
            Veal chop in milanese style with light bagna cauda and cardoons€ 60,00

            I still have no answer for Antiche Carampane Capodanno 140 € menu, maybe they do not want tourists?
            I fear that the Terrazza Danieli lounge menu has only the view of the fireworks positive...
            The "Da Fiore menu à la carte" of New Years Eve also seems appetizing and not too expensive for a Michelin star. Can someone tell me how is the atmosphere and the room?

            1. re: divinecomedie

              Antiche Carampane replied the following: they will know the menu in early December, it is 130 per person. They require 60 euros deposit beforehand. They are not very fast with email replies, but be persistent.

              1. re: divinecomedie

                Da Fiore started as a simple family osteria that has slowly evolved into a Michelin star restaurant. One enter to a small cozy bar that is painted deep red. It is used mainly as a pre dinner cocktail space. To the left is the single main dining room. Best to describe it is 'simple elegant'. Not much decoration except for bouquets of flowers. The tables are set decently apart but no banquettes. There is a choice table in the far end that leads out to tiny terrace on a small canal. The service is formal but not stuffy.
                Antiche Carampane is our favorite restaurant in Venice. Excellent seafood though never have eaten there New Years Eves. It is has a devoted local clientele as well as it's share of visitors. The decor is "trattoria cozy" and the service is quirky, depending on the mood of the family staff.

                1. re: PBSF

                  Thank you! Still no response Antiche Carampane, I'll try to be persistent....
                  Thank you for these detailed descriptions!
                  The choice will be difficult, they both look very good.
                  Originally, I wanted to go to Ristorante Riviera (my favorite and closest to my hotel Pensione La Calcina) but unfortunately it will not open for the evening of New Year's Eve.
                  I think I'll abandon the option of "Venejan Cocktail Lounge" Danieli and save a few euros

                  1. re: divinecomedie

                    Yes, be patient with Antiche Carampane though they can be exasperating, very Venetian. Lots of the menu will depend on what seafood is available at that time, therefore, nothing will be set in stone. Their quality of seafood and cooking have always been excellent.
                    The food at Riviera is very good but their terrace is better for another occasion or warmer weather.
                    Cocktails are expensive in any high-end hotels such as the Danieli. An Aperol spritz or similar will be around 18E. And the lobby of the Danieli, though grand, is so faded. I guess that is the patina of old Venice. My motto is "go only when someone else is paying".

                    1. re: PBSF

                      In fact for the Danieli, I was talking about the evening lounge ( Venejan lounge party) of the new year in my previous post.
                      It will be held at the Terrazza Restaurant (rooftop) and different from the Hall Dandolo and I guess with a view of the fireworks.
                      But it is a buffet at 230 euros!
                      I will be patient with Carampane which may be my final choice.
                      On sunny days the terrace of Ristorante Riviera is also one of my favorite with Lineadombra on the other side of the Zattere and that of the Trattoria Altanella on the Giudecca

                      1. re: divinecomedie

                        And today the "FIASCHETTERIA TOSCANA" New year’s Eve 2010-2011 Menu
                        Flut of Metodo Classico Brut Millesimato ’06 L’ Orlando Le Barbaterre with crostinis
                        Scampi Ca’ d’ Oro style on soft polenta
                        Foie Gras on Briochè bread and persimmon jam
                        Mantis shrimp soup
                        Goose ravioli with thin chopped vegetables
                        Local sea’s sea-bass turban on artichoke bed With lemon balm and ginger sauce
                        Pink grapefruit and celery salad With lemon sauce
                        Pigeon’s breast with pomegranate and myrtle on cardoons bed with parisienne style potatoes
                        Raisins and grappa parfait
                        Flut of Champagne
                        During the dinner you ‘ll have a small wine list (not included) that could match nicely the menu. The price is 170,00 euro each person which includes the menu and the dinner will start at 8,30 PM.
                        I have no luck with Antiche Carampane, they can not welcome me to New Year's Eve because they have only nine tables and seats are very limited !!!!

                        Now, I hesitate between Da Fiore (à la carte) and FIASCHETTERIA TOSCANA (menu) whose menus are tasty and have a good reputation here.
                        Has anybody ever tried the restaurant Terrazza Danieli's?

                  2. re: PBSF

                    I just had a very unpleasant surprise. I went ahead and email Da Fiore on November 23rd. They said they have space and need my credit card, which I immediately provided. I even followed up the next day by email to make sure they received it. Never heard back... today I just get an email saying that they are full! I dealt with them entirely in Italian, so it's not even about a stupid tourist. Now I have nothing for the most important dinenr of the trip and it's with both of my parents!

                    1. re: annadp

                      Personally, I greatly appreciate the Restaurant Riviera of Monica & Luca
                      It is difficult to compare to Osteria Da Fiore ! But for me, it is a very elegant restaurant, where I always found a local clientele of regulars and the food is high quality !

                      1. re: divinecomedie

                        Here is the menu of New Year's Eve one of the favorite restaurants of this forum Ristorante Il Ridotto
                        MENU’ DI CAPODANNO
                        cauliflowers purée with scampi and almonds
                        guinea hen with caramelized shallot and orange sauce
                        lentils tortellini and “zampone” in chapon and cardamom stock
                        yellow risotto and “carpaccio” of prawns
                        sea bass slowly pan cooked on the skin with a fava beans purée, wild swiss chard
                        assorted pastries stew fresh fruit, ginger ice cream and biscuits
                        Restaurant IL RIDOTTO Euro 170,00 per person, drinks not included

                        1. re: divinecomedie

                          Riviera is closed, however. reopened under new management, no report yet.

                          Al Pesador Riviera
                          Zattere,Sestiere Dorsoduro,1473, Venice, Veneto , IT