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Nov 1, 2010 09:02 AM

The Farm Country Kitchen, Riverhead

This hidden gem is on West Main St in Riverhead. It's on the Peconic River in an old house. We've been going there for take out lunch and more recently for dinner in their small dining room.
Interesting, innovative, ever changing menu items offering fresh local produce and seafood.
If you don't see what you want on the menu the manager offers to make just about anything you want. We love this place!!
We always pass on the good looking desserts in favor of the Snowflake Ice cream stand just up the street.

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  1. The fact of this bothers me quite a bit, but I the half-dozen times I've looked over the menu, I've haven't seen anything that's grabbed me.

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    1. re: Scott_R

      Interesting? I almost always order off the specials list. For lunch the salads are fabulous and reasonably priced considering they include a drink and a home made chocolate chip cookie.
      They even deliver!!

        1. re: Scott_R

          That's the daily menu with specials. Yesterday we had a III, V, XIV and an X. All delicious. Give it a try.