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Nov 1, 2010 08:08 AM

Geoffrey's in Roslindale

Has anyone eaten at Geoffrey's in the Roslindale since it reverted back to being an operation of the original owner?

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    1. Here's what I know about Geoffrey's. They had a location in Roslindale, then opened up a new Geoffrey's in Back Bay/South End (on Berkeley where Laurel used to be.)
      Then a friend told me she heard that the Roslindale location had closed as soon as the South End one opened --that the staff had been completely caught off guard and surprised, but that most of them just moved to the South End. Wasn't sure if that was true, but when I called the Roslindale location a bunch of times that week, there was never an answer. Fast forward a few weeks later --I called again and someone answered. I asked what time they opened for brunch and he said "we are not open for brunch tomorrow, we are in the midst of doing renovations.." I told him I had heard they closed and he said "no, but we are under new ownership.."

      So.....not quite sure what that means and/or if they will still be called Geoffrey's, have the same menu, etc. He was sort of elusive and I didn't ask him to elaborate (b/c I really was planning on having brunch at the s/e location anyway!)

      1. We ate there tonight and were not amused. This isn't really a review of the new restaurant but more a rant of annoyance at the loss of our favorite restaurant in the area.

        I knew Geoffrey's was (re)opening in the back bay but I thought that was going to be a second location. I was very wrong. We knew something was off when we walked in and all of the staff were different but they still had the Geoffrey's signage in the entry area. We were going to celebrate my 2 year olds birthday - when a 2yr old asks in a full sentence to 'go to the restaurant and have soup and pizza' how can you say no? Needless to say we were shocked when we say down and the menu is completely new and had none of our favorite dishes. It was even less fun dealing with a toddler very upset he couldn't have the meal he has been asking for all week.
        The place was fairly busy given how early it was (we always go out early with 2 babies) and the staff seemed decent. Our food was fine and the owner was our waitress and she was perfectly nice and helpful. The food was priced about average for similar quality elsewhere but no where near the rock-bottom prices of the old Geoffrey's.

        To be very clear, the new place may be quite good and I wish them all the best of luck. This is a totally unfair review for them. We, however were very disappointed to have lost our favorite restaurant and not pleased that there was not any sort of indication on the door about new management and the like.

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        1. re: drboom

          Frustrating. But any enmity should be directed at the owner of the Rozzie space, who against the wishes of the Geoffrey's people has kept the name. Apparently they didn't take the steps to be able to maintain the exclusivity of their brand. I think it's deceptive. Tell everyone you know that the sign may be the same, but it's a different restaurant.

          1. re: MC Slim JB

            Geoffrey's had been one of my favorite restaurants within walking distance of where I live. A few weeks before the closing I was chatting it up with one of the bartenders and she was telling me about how a "second" location was going to open. When I showed up one night and found the restaurant closed, I felt a bit jilted. While the owners certainly have no obligation to me or the neighborhood, it was a little disappointing that they would just close up shop unexpectedly without even acknowledging the support the neighborhood has given them over the past several years.

            I wonder if the landlords were similarly surprised and are continuing to use the Geoffrey's name to spite the tenants who unexpectedly closed shop.

            In any cae, it is a big loss for the neighborhood and they will be missed. Especially since early reviews I've heard from friends are not promising, although part of that may be due to the whole experience being tinged with disappointment that has nothing to do with the new management/fare, much like drboom's experience.

            1. re: MC Slim JB

              Agreed. Geoffrey's in Roslindale is NOT Geoffrey's and it's a crime that the owner of the space continues to use the name. Her restaurant that was in that space, Salute, before Geoffrey's failed miserably because the food was bad and the atmosphere was unpleasant, even rude. They were especially rude to Tony's next door who has been in that space selling amazing meats and Italian sausages for more than 35 years. This is a crime. I live two blocks from this restaurant in Roslindale and I will never go back.

            2. re: drboom

              I liked Geoffrey's mostly because I could walk there from my house more than the food which was never much more than Sysco type industrial ingredients cooked in a basic way. I agree that it's disappointing that you felt deceived about the change of ownership/management, but in the end I'm hoping for an improvement from that space. The deserts were the only part of the old Geoffrey's that I'll miss.

              1. re: drboom

                Is it really still called Geoffrey's? Any interesting differences in the menu? Last time I checked (a little more than a week ago) it was operating only as a bar.

              2. The restaurant with Geoffrey's above the door in Roslindale is not Geoffrey's that is owned by Michael Aplin. The new "owners" -- who are the landlords of the building -- have been ordered to take down the sign and they have refused. The new Geoffrey's--owned by the same owner who owned Geoffrey's in the South End during the 1990s and whose late partner was Geoffrey and for whom the restaurant is named--is now in the Back Bay in the old Laurel's location. The fact that the owners in Roslindale are wrongly operating under a business name that they do not own is really upsetting to Geoffrey's real fans.

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                1. re: terrilynn

                  Have the new "owners" publicly stated their position on the name? Have they explicitly said they refuse to change? What about the menu, etc.? Same or different?

                  1. re: ajkessel

                    Michael says that the current business there knows that they are not supposed to be operating under Geoffrey's name. Different menu. Michael created the dishes at the real Geoffrey's and they have been on his menu for years. Don't know what's being served at the Roslindale fake Geoffrey's now.