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Nov 1, 2010 07:52 AM

where to buy kosher fresh mozzarella in manhattan?

does anybody carry it? i thought fairway was a good bet, but went there yesterday and they didn't have. neither did park east.


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  1. i'd go to a dairy restaurant and ask if you can buy some of their mozarella. The former pasta factory in teaneck did.

    1. If you're going the restaurant route, check Mike's Pizza. I believe they make their own and sell it in the refrigerator case. I believe I've seen it at Supersol and Kosher Marketplace. Although Supersol may only have packed in oil.

      If you'll accept Tablet-K, then there should be options available at a number of general grocery stores.

      1. Fairway has one brand of kosher fresh mozzarella- it's not in the case where the 'fancy' cheeses are. It's in the regular dairy section either with non kosher fresh mozzarella or with the kosher shredded mozarealla cheese.

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          Fairway sometimes carries Cappiello, as does Whole Foods, which I believe is what you are referring to. I find that the "fresh" Cappiello, is only available sporatically. If you can trek out to Teaneck, Glatt Express carries 3 brands.

          1. re: Kosher Critic

            Yes, I think the brand was Cappiello. One of the cheese guys in Fairway mentioned that the company does a kosher run every so often, that's why it's not always available.

        2. trader joe's has under tablet-k supervision in balls in brine or in logs.
          also fairway has cappiello OU supervision.

          1. just stumbled upon some tablet-k ciliegine from the antonio mozzarella factory at westerly health. yay!

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              Kosher Marketplace, Fairway and Supersol all carry Capiello. I have no idea how people who don't live in Manhattan eat.

              (that was a joke.)

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                I sometimes find good kosher mozerella at Fairways, but my new thing is making it myself. I believe that the company that I checked out originally was new England Cheese Company. Google it and you'll find their website. . The problem is that the individual small vials don't have the hechsher. They divide it themselves. The 5 gallon jug has an ou but it contains enough rennet to make cheese every day for several months for all of Manhattan. Anyone want cheese? I have fun with it. 1 gallon of milk yields a very small
                amt. of mozerella cheese, but I use the whey to make great ricotta. There is no reason why kosher cheese should be inferior to traif cheeses.

                1. re: sharonlebewohl

         long does the rennet last?

                  1. re: vallevin

                    It needs to be refrigerated but it lasts for over a year. I split it with 5 other people.