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Nov 1, 2010 07:26 AM

Dinner Tonight

Looking for somewhere to go tonight (Monday). We want to be able to sit and linger over our meal without feeling rushed. DH has a very limited diet but can usually make due by requesting dishes without sauces, dressings, etc. No asian restaurant suggestions due to dietary restrictions but anything else is okay. We prefer east end but we could also do downtown. We have 2 young kids and rarely got out together, so this is a real date night for us!

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  1. Are you looking for casual or fine dining? Some of my thoughts for cozy and casual are unfortunately closed on Mondays (Weezie's and Le Petit Dejeuner). What about Biff's for bistro fare or Wine Bar for small plates (note that I haven't been there since the change in chefs)?

    Or up on the Danforth, Globe Bistro is great and can feel casual or fine dining depending on whether you choose to sit in the front bar area or back in the beautiful dining room.

    Le Petit Dejeuner
    191 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A1J5, CA

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      2nd Globe. It really seems like the right kind of day for a delicious fall dinner date at Globe.

    2. Here's what I'd do - go to Starfish (Adelaide and Jarvis). Snuggle into a booth. Order a dozen assorted oysters to start and maybe a little bowl of frites or some soup. Then share the spectacular fluke dish (made for 2) - roasted on the bone, served on a bed of (I think) Jerusalem artichoke puree with sides of quinoa and rapini. If your appetites and DH's dietary restrictions allow it (two big "ifs"), blow your minds by sharing the toffee pudding for dessert. Go home, kiss the sleeping kidlets good night and fall into bed. I know from young kids and rare date nights - enjoy!!

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        I haven't been to Starfish in ages, I now know where I'm taking my SO on his next Monday night off.

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          I also hadn't been there in ages, but went recently, and loved it. The decor is a bit underwhelming but the food and service were incredible.