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Nov 1, 2010 07:15 AM

Help adjusting turkey cooking time for convection gas oven vs. non-conv. gas

i have a new convection oven and will be cooking a big turkey this year (somewhere between 8-12 guests). i understand that using the convection is the way to go for crispy skin.
i'd love other tips about how to adjust the cooking time/temp for turkey roasting (convection makes it all cook faster, yes?) do i have to worry about it drying out faster with the convection?


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  1. Redgirl, I haven't cooked a turkey in a number of years, but when I did, I always used convection. The first time I tried it in 1980 I was astonished at how much more moist and juicy the turkey was than one cooked in a standard oven. And they always had a nice crispy skin. My oven is electric and came with a time chart that I used as a guide with success all those years. The convection roasting temperature is 325°F.

    For an unstuffed turkey:
    10-14 lbs: 12-14 minutes/lb
    14-18 lbs: 10-12 minutes/lb
    18-24 lbs: 7-10 minutes/lb

    As I said, this is a guide. I used a thermometer to check for doneness at the lower end of the cooking time.

    Hope this helps.